10 Best Masters in Minion Masters

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Building your Minion Masters deck will require you to pick a good Minion Master to secure your chances of winning. Minion Masters is yet to introduce set of monsters that impact on the game mechanics like Yugioh Archetypes but it is still a great online battle game. A good master will lead your army of minions into back to back victories in a real-time minions battle against other players. Always aim to have a powerful Minion Masters deck that will destroy other rival masters and earn you enough XP to reach the next level. Below are some of the best masters that you can select when building your Minion Masters deck.

  1. Stormbringerminion masters deck

Stormbringer is the default Minion Master when you get started in the game. You won’t spend a dime on him since he is absolutely free. This does not mean that his abilities are limited. He has the highest attack range in level 1 of all masters in the game. However, it takes him 4 seconds to wind up a single attack. Worry less since his global attack range is one of the best in the game. He improves in level 3, and each of his attacks takes 2 seconds to wind up, which means he deals 8 damage per second. His second ability gives a 2-points bonus range to allied minions. It is absolutely fun to have him, and he’s the best master for beginners in the game.

  1. Dionaminion masters deck

It is not quite easy for beginners and even for some advanced players to play Diona. Her playstyle is quite different from the playstyles of other masters. For your perks to work, you’ll need to learn how to use her traps for good value. You must be able to use your taunt trap and crossbow trap to distract minions, deal face damage and kill harbingers. When building your Minion Masters deck and you happen to choose Diona, go for an aggressive or control deck. This is because Diona has mastered the skill of defending with her traps and bear traps.

  1. Ravagerminion masters deck

Ravager has the highest damage output in the game. Although he is limited to a minuscule attack range, which is basically melee range, his damage output stands at 33. His strength lies in his 2nd and 3rd abilities. However, he can’t defend himself against ranged minions, which means you’ll have to rally a ranged minion to counter the attacks. Go for an aggressive deck while playing Ravager. Also, make sure you draft aggressive cards while pushing with your Brutus.

  1. Mordar

Mordar has the highest basic attack of all masters in the game. He hits all nearby enemies for 10 damage and is good at taking down groups of low HP opponents. However, he falls short when he is up against solo minion cards. Hence, you’ll need to get him some high tier back up to help him with defending. Always focus on getting high-cost minions to help you in attack and also getting big swing revives. His attack speed is boosted after every 3 consecutive attacks.

  1. Ratbo

If you decide to pick this master, make sure you have a swarm of minions on the field. This is to give more power to your dakka so that it can deal sufficient damage to kill big minions. His perk 1 is not really strong compared to his other 2 perks. His abilities give you power to summon 1-2 scrats, and you can use this chance to launch an attack. However, the summoned scrats aren’t that powerful and can be knocked down easily.

  1. King Puff

King Puff is a trickster in the battlefield. He can stun enemy minions, dodge spells and cause havoc on the battlefield. You should maximize his first ability, Trick Swap, since he depends on it to win. This ability grants him the power to switch the positions of all minions in every bridge and stun the hostile ones. His bridge shield protects the master tower and bottom bridge from taking damage. The more 4-5 mana minions you have, the more powerful King Puff is. This is because in level 2, all 4-5 mana minions will spawn, and this can easily grant you victory. His basic attack deals 75 damage to a unit for every 2.5 seconds.

  1. Milloween

You won’t regret spending 1500 shards on Milloween since her worth is way more than her cost. She is a real fun and competitive character who is credited as the pioneer master of spell-slinging deck strategy. Milloween summons an Arcane Golem in level 1, making him extremely strong. She unleashes her power when casting tons of spells as long as you get good spells for your golems. In level 3, her arcane golems are spawned with an additional 200 health and 30 extra damage for every attack.

  1. Morellia

Morellia can only be rivalled by her sister Milloween. You can unlock this powerful ruler of the Cursed lands with only 1500 shards. Unlike her sister, Morellia uses her magical power mercilessly to achieve her goals. She wields the Book of the Dead, which she uses to call upon powerful Death Magic to decimate her enemies. Upon reaching level 3, she gains access to Nyrvir, the fallen, one of the most powerful minions in the game. However, her DPS of 15 is fairly low and slightly slows down the enemy.

  1. Settsu

Settsu has a high DPS of 40 for the first 5 shots. She deals a damage of 50 for only 2 mana. She has a powerful pulse riffle that she uses to deal damage, although it has to reload after 5 shots. Her 1st perk is insane, and her other 2 perks give her insane synergy with spells. When building your Minion Masters deck and you happen to choose Settsu, go for an aggressive or control deck depending on the cards you’re offered.

  1. Apep

Apep is one of the best masters in Minion Masters, given that she can win games on her own. You’ll receive 2 cards for free of mana 2 and 4 when he’s at Max level. His perk 2 gives you the shield totem that can help you kill master tank minions. This perk also saves you when it comes to health. You can draft any kind of Minion Masters deck with this incredible master.

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