10 Best Robes in Skyrim

10 Best Robes in Skyrim

Robes can increase your efficiency in the game more than most heavy armors; that’s why you need to have the best Robes in Skyrim. They can be worn by any class of warriors and not only wizards. Finding a proper robe that suits your needs will improve your performance in the game. Here are some of the best robes in Skyrim that you can take into consideration when selecting your best garment.

  1. Vaermina Robes10 Best Robes in Skyrim

This unenchanted robe can only be found in Nightcaller Temple, near Dawnstar. Cultists of the Daedric Prince Vaermina wear it. You can find it worn by devotees of the cult in the temple. To obtain this robe, you must take part in the Waking Nightmare quest when you play as a cultist of the Daedric Prince. However, it is very heavy compared to the other robes in this list. The base weight of this robe is 5 lbs.

  1. Telvanni Robes10 Best Robes in Skyrim

Telvanni Robes grants you a Magicka regeneration boost by 75%. This robe’s main advantage is that it is not a requirement to dress as a necromancer to receive the Magicka regeneration boost. The robe is well designed and meticulously crafted. This robe is found in the Highpoint water worn by Ildari Sarothril. To obtain this robe, you must take part in the Old Friends quest, and you must not kill Ildari. The Telvanni robes will be given to you once you complete the quest.

  1. Dunmer Outfit10 Best Robes in Skyrim

This outfit comes in different variations. You can either find hooded or non-hooded variants of this robe. It grants you a 75% Magicka regeneration boost. They’re quite easy to obtain and can be found all over the wastelands. Another factor that makes them one of the best robes in Skyrim is that they can be worn by countless NPC’s in the game. They’re versatile, and they all have magical attributes. This is because they’re associated with Dark Elves, who are some of the strongest wizards in Tamriel.

  1. Mythic Dawn Robes10 Best Robes in Skyrim

These robes grant you a Magicka regeneration boost by 75%. It is worn by mythic dawn cult members and is slicker than most outfits listed here. It is a unique enchanted robe, and not many people will notice you’re wearing it. To acquire this robe, you’ll have to steal it from a Mythic dawn member in Silus Vesuius’s House in Dawnstar. Alternatively, you’ll have to kill a member of the faction while participating in the Piece of the Past quest to obtain it.

  1. Hooded Monk Robes

These robes are commonly known to offer a much brighter appearance compared to other robes in Skyrim. They have a lighter theme of orange and yellow coloration, and they cover both the head and head segments. The whole design makes it visible from afar. They’re one of the rarest robes in the game, which means the process of obtaining them is quite difficult. You must go out of your way and take your time to obtain them. They’re enchanted, which makes the struggle of obtaining them worthwhile. To obtain it, you must steal it from specific characters in the game. PC players can use the player.additem 00107106 X command to acquire the Hooded Monk Robes. X represents the desired number of robes to be obtained.

  1. Shrouded Robes

Shrouded robes give players a 15% bonus reduction of casting cost to destruction spells. These robes are best worn by players who choose to play assassins. This is because it gives assassins power to murder their target by casting a powerful spell. You can obtain this robe by participating in the Dark Brotherhood questline. These enchanted robes can be found on the shelves at the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.

  1. Taron Dreth’s Robes

Taron Dreth’s Robes have a powerful enchantment that grants players a 15% less cost of destruction spells and 75% Magicka regeneration speed bonus. Acquiring the robes is a bit challenging compared to other robes in the game. Taron Dreth wears them, and you must kill him to obtain the robes. Keep in mind that these robes are unique to the Dawnguard DLC and can be the primary offensive tool for any magic-user. Players in any school of destruction best use them.

  1. Master Robes

These robes are almost similar to Taron Dreth’s robes. They grant players a 150% Magicka regeneration speed, which is an incredible boost for any wizard in the game. Besides, it reduces the restoration spell costs by 25%. Hence, It combines two enchantments for every school of magic as one. However, they’re not hooded, which means you’ll have to find a hood if you like hooded robes. You can obtain them when you reach level 32 by buying them at the College of Winterhold. Note that the level you are in every independent school does not matter, and you must be a level 32 player as a whole. Players best use it in any school of magic as it works perfectly in both schools.

  1. Miraak’s Robes

These are legendary robes worn by Miraak. They have a powerful and unique effect that absorbs 15% Magicka from Dragon breath and all the spells that you’ll receive. Moreover, once they’re hit, they can spawn a tentacle explosion that deals massive damage on enemies. To obtain them, you must participate in the quest called ‘At the Summit of Apocrypha.’ You’ll have to kill Miraak when he appears at the Dragonborn DLC’s main questline and take the robes from him.

  1. Archmage’s Robes

Undoubtedly the best robes in Skyrim. Archmage’s Robes are the finest outfit in the entire game. They have incredible effects such as a 15% Magicka reduction cost for all spells and a 50 Magicka bonus points to your total. Moreover, they grant players a 100% Magicka regeneration bonus. It is the only robe in the entire game that provides three bonuses to players simultaneously. To obtain it, you must compete in the College of Winterhold quest and become the archimagi.

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