10 Best Weapons in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the tomb raider best weapons

Shadow of the tomb raider best weapons are what you need as you traverse across the hostile jungle environment of the Americas. It is more fun having an arsenal of weapons that you can use in different scenarios and situations. Weapons can be improved, and parts upgraded to enhance their performance. I’ve selected some of the best weapons in the game and provided info on how to obtain them. Listed below are Shadow of the Tomb Raider best weapons that you can add to your arsenal. Also, don’t forget to check the best Division Exotic weapons here.

  1. Bow and ArrowShadow of the tomb raider best weapons

The first thing in your possession would be a makeshift bow; then, you’ll come across the Recurve Bow. Later on, the Compound Bow is made available to you. As the primary weapon, Bow and Arrow work perfectly at the early stages of the game. If you’re good at aiming, the Compound Bow won’t be necessary. The Recurve Bow is good when aiming for headshots consistently. This is because it has a good draw speed, rate of fire, and hold time. You can upgrade the Bow and Arrow and add explosives at the end of the Arrow. Therefore, you’ll be able to kill your enemies with just a single shot no matter where you hit them. Bow and Arrow are the primary weapons of choice in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. You can switch to more advanced weapons at later stages of the game.

  1. AxeShadow of the tomb raider best weapons

This is one of the primary weapons that you’ll have early in the game. The Axe is one of Lara Croft’s best weapons in Shadow of the Tomb Raider used mostly for close-range attacks. It may not be effective to use when you’re up against a group of enemies but can as well handle one or two enemies. The Axe is a very lethal weapon that can be used to take out any enemy at close range. With the Axe in your possession, you’ll never worry about running out of ammunition. Hence, you can rely on the Axe when you do run out of ammo or have limited ammunition.

  1. Assault RifleShadow of the tomb raider best weapons

The Assault Rifle is your go-to weapon if you have a problem netting headshots using a Bow and Arrow. You may miss hitting headshots a few times, but the damage inflicted on the enemy will be higher than the damage caused by the Bow and Arrow. However, the Assault Rifle has limited ammo; thus, you’ll need to improve on your accuracy before aiming. As you progress in the game, you’ll get the Bolt Action Rifle, which inflicts most damage and has a high accuracy. Even so, it has the slowest rate of fire and reload time.

  1. Shotgun

A Shotgun deals significant damage at close range. Its primary use is to knock out enemies at close range off their feet. It is one of the weapons that work perfectly when upgraded as its efficiency and effectiveness increase. However, using a Shotgun at long or moderate distance is not something I can recommend. First of all, because the Shotgun is built for aiming at close range. Secondly, there are better weapons in the game that are virtually superior to the Shotgun when it comes to aiming from a moderate or long distance.

  1. Atlatl Bow

This bow can be acquired from a trader inside The Hidden City. This bow is characterized by a low drop off rate, and it fits perfectly into Lara’s arsenal. With this in mind, you can aim for enemies at a moderate or long distance since the arrows travel far, unlike other bows in the game. The Atlatl Bow has a good range and deals high damage. It is more of a stealth sniper rifle; hence the fire rate is a bit low since it needs a drawback.

  1. The AB .45

The AB .45 is one of the first default weapons in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. You can unlock this weapon early in the story as you begin your journey. It is more of an M1911 pistol but less appealing. It has a high fire rate, and the reload speed is above average. Moreover, it has a silencer attached to it, and the accuracy is maxed out. For this reason, you can shoot at your enemies without them realizing where you are.

  1. The River Hawk

The River Hawk is one of the best pistols in the game. However, you won’t obtain this pistol in the main storyline. It’ll be given to you by Marco upon completion of the ‘Deal with the Pillagers Side quest.’ It is advisable to engage NPCs in a conversation as they may lead you to your next side mission. Alternatively, you may buy it from a merchant in Kuwaq Yaku.

  1. The Vicar Mark II

This is one of the best rifles in the game. Do not confuse it with your average assault rifle; the Vicar Mark II is a standard rifle used by Trinity forces. It has great accuracy and average stats. It is a default weapon that you’ll receive after completion of the ‘Where the Twins Confer’ mission. This rifle is well suited for any situation in the game.

  1. The Wasp 11

Even though this rifle deals low damage compared to other rifles, it has an enormous clip size. It is a less stable weapon meaning it is not advisable to target one enemy. Hence, only use it when targeting an area crowded with multiple enemies due to its high fire rate. The Wasp 11 is a sub-machine on its own with a versatile strength pool. It even comes with a grenade launcher attachment; thus, only use it in appropriate situations.

  1. The Taev 16

The Taev 16 is a semi-automatic shotgun that deals high damage at close range. It has a padded grip to improve its accuracy when aiming. You can buy it from a merchant in the San Juan mission for only 5,700 gold. Several upgrades can increase the rate of fire and damage of the Shotgun. However, the recoil size might be reduced when you upgrade it.

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