10 Best Equip Spells in Yugioh

Equip Spells in Yugioh

When building an equip deck, it is advisable to use the best equip spells in Yugioh. Equip spells are used to strengthen monsters and add special attributes to them. However, not all equip spells have the same effects; some have more diverse effects. They can only be equipped to face-up monsters and cannot be equipped to face-down monsters. Also, the effect of the cards can only be effective as long as they are face-up on the field. In the event that an Equip Spell Card is destroyed, its effects disappear. Listed below are some of the best Equip Spells in Yugioh.

  1. U.A. Powered JerseyEquip Spells in Yugioh

This card cannot fit in any type of deck because it’s archetype specific. It is series dependent hence can only fit in the Ultimate Athlete series. However, this does not limit its power. Its target gains 1000 ATK and DEF, and the enemy deals double damage when battling a monster. Once per turn, you can attack your opponent with this card and destroy him. If it gets sent to the graveyard because of the return of an equipped monster, you can retrieve it. At the start of your next phase, after equipping, you can banish the equipped monster.

  1. Cursed ArmamentsEquip Spells in Yugioh

Cursed Armaments is one of the best equip spells in Yugioh, especially when you’re up against pesky boss monsters or swarming decks. With this card, you’ll receive huge boons during battle that will severely reduce the ATK stat of your opponent. This will, in turn, re-equip another monster if Cursed Armaments gets removed from the field. It is so powerful that if you control five monsters on the field, you can reduce the ATK stat of powerful normal monsters such as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon to 0 ATK. This card can work perfectly in offensive and stall decks.

  1. Autonomous Action UnitEquip Spells in Yugioh

To activate it, you’ll need to pay 1500 Life Points from your starting 8000. Once paid, you can choose a monster from your opponent’s graveyard and summon it to the field then turn the monster against your opponent. However, be very careful of spell removals since the spell is what keeps the monster on the field if the spell leaves then the monster gets destroyed. This card works best if your opponent has strong monsters in his graveyard. It is the fastest way to summon a potent monster and also gives you the option to get rid of it.

  1. Moon Mirror Shield

This card’s effects work when the equipped monster battles. It makes the ATK and DEF points of the equipped monster equal to the ATK and DEF points of the opposing monster plus 100. Thus, making the original stats of your monster irrelevant. You pay 500 life points if this card is sent to the graveyard. Nevertheless, you’re the one to choose whether you’ll place the card on the bottom or top of your deck. For this reason, you can still redraw it for further use.

  1. Megamorph

Megamorph is a legendary card that had huge advantages in the pre-GX era. Its ATK increase switches to decrease if you manage to deal a lot of damage. The ATK of the equipped monster becomes double its original ATK when your life points are lower than your opponent’s life points. If your life points are much higher than your opponent’s, the ATK of the equipped monster becomes half its original ATK.

  1. Saqlifice

This card was once limited but is now unrestricted. It equips any Qli monsters and activates their powerful effects. It is worth noting that the Qli monsters were banned because they are so powerful, but some of them are still legal. Once activated, you gain 300 ATK points, and you cannot be destroyed in battle. If sent to the graveyard, you can add a Qli monster from the deck to your hand. Not only does this card boost your ATK, but it also renders you immune to battle destruction.

  1. Snatch Steal

Snatch steal is one of the best equip spells in Yugioh. This card targets your opponent’s monster and steals it for you. Even though your opponent will gain 1000 LP while this card is out, he is set to lose a supreme creature, not unless he manages to destroy the spell. Moreover, you can use this card to eliminate an opponent’s monster and gain another monster of your own. Although this card has been limited/banned for a while because it is so powerful.

  1. Big Bang Shot

When this card is destroyed in battle, its target creature is also banished from play. Thus, it is best to attach this card to a monster that you don’t mind if it gets banished or not. Also, when an equipped monster gets destroyed, any equipped spells it might have gained follow it to the graveyard. In addition, the impacted monster gains 400 ATK bonus and deals piercing damage to your opponent.

  1. Mage Power

This equip spell adds 500 ATK and DEF points for each magic and trap card in your hand. With just a single card, you can thousands of Attack points to a weak monster. This card has no archetype restrictions; hence you can equip it to a monster of your choice. If you have a number of spell and trap cards, this equip spell shouldn’t miss being part of your deck.

  1. United We Stand

Ultimately the best equip spell card in Yugioh for the insane amount of ATK/DEF stats it provides. This card adds 800 ATK and DEF points to each face-up monster that you control. With an 800 boost, you can have up to 4000 extra ATK and DEF points, which is a whopping 4800 in total. It has no cost or restrictions; hence you can equip it to a monster of your choice as it fits well in any deck. After drastically strengthening your monsters ATK and DEF points, you can execute one turn kills, especially on decks that swarm the field with pendulum cards.

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