Fallout 4 how to get ballistic weave

fallout 4 how to get ballistic weave

There are various methods that guide players in Fallout 4 how to get Ballistic weave. The Ballistic weave provides defensive stats to certain outfits that can be worn under armor. To craft the Ballistic weave, you’ll need first to obtain the Ballistic fiber. Obtaining Ballistic Fiber isn’t easy as it requires you to undertake a number of quests. One way in Fallout 4 how to get Ballistic weave is by creating it.

Prerequisites to creating the Ballistic Weave

There are some prerequisites before you go ahead and create the Ballistic weave. Here are some of the conditions to be met prior to creating the Ballistic weave:

  • You need to gain a rank of 4 in the Armorer perk. This is important so as to expand maximum protection.
  • You have to be a member of the Railroad. You can do this by completing the ‘initiation quests’ to be part of the Railroad. Don’t be hostile to the Railroad in any way since you need to gain their trust so as to complete their quests.
  • You need to complete a Railroad safe house quest given to you at the Railroad. These include the Tradecraft main quest and Boston After Dark side quest.
  • When you’re done with the Railroad safe house quests, you can proceed and talk to PAM.
  • You need to complete one Jackpot quest given to you by PAM in the Railroad Headquarters. Jackpot Quests are usually the second quest given after completing at least one Railroad safe house quest given by PAM. They are a series of fetch quests that involve the use of an RF ID item used to retrieve given data.
  • Sometimes PAM fails to give you DIA cache quests even after completing Railroad quests. Don’t panic; all you need to do is go back and talk to some members of the Railroad. This has proven helpful in kickstarting a questline conversation with the robot.

-The missions you’ll be given require you to go to a given building and kill the enemies inside. After that, you’re required to make it to the DIA cache inside each building.

Upon fulfilling all the conditions above, you’ll need to go back to the Railroad Headquarters and meet Tinker Tom. Have a friendly conversation with him; he’ll mention the cache you’ve explored and his incredible skills of upgrading clothing. Also, he mentions that his goods are for sale. Checking out those goods is extremely important. Once this is done, an entirely new modding ability will be opened for your character. It is an invisible effect that takes place after talking to Tinker Tom, and you’ll only notice the change when you visit an armor crafting station. However, you must carry with you an eligible type of cloth-based underarmor to the crafting station.

In the crafting station, you’ll see a new option displayed on all eligible armors. In the event that you don’t own an eligible armor, you can buy one from Tinker Tom then later upgrade it with better weave mods. Some of the eligible armors in the game include the minuteman outfit, tattered rags, baseball uniform, green shirt, and combat boots. You can also get yourself army or military fatigues, which are perfect for weave augmentation at the National Guard Training Yard.

Creating the Ballistic Weave

The raw material of creating the Ballistic weave is Ballistic fiber; thus, you’ll need to obtain it. Go to KL-E-0 in Goodneighbor and purchase Ballistic fiber in batches. Afterward, head to an armor crafting station. Select any eligible armor suit and build a level 5 Ballistic weave mode. This gives you a 110/110 defense. Add more defense to your outfits by stacking chest, arm, and leg plating on top of suits of eligible armor such as army fatigues.


Ballistic weave will provide you a remarkable defense of up to 220 physical and 220 energy. It is an alternative armor mod that you can decide to have instead of the weighty power armors in Fallout 4.

Even if you break ties with the Railroad after acquiring the Ballistic weave, it won’t be taken from you. A few hats such as the Newsboy Cap can be upgraded for the Ballistic weave.

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