Top 10 Best Armors in The Witcher 3

The job of a Witcher is dangerous, and as Geralt of Rivia, you are going to want to find the best armor possible as you level up. Here are some of the best armors in the Witcher 3.

In this article, we will be breaking down the best armors based on its armor rating and the abilities that it offers. Oh yeah, and also style, because let’s be honest, you’re gonna wana look badass while fighting those monsters.

Whether you are new to the game or are on your tenth playthrough, this list will hook you up with the best armor that crowns can buy.

Armor Rating: 30
Effects: +9% Piercing resistance, +9% Bludgeoning resistance, +18% Slashing resistance, +12% Resistance to monster damage, +15% Resistance to elemental damage.
Level Required: 1

Ok, I know what you are thinking, “How did an armor with such a low rating get on this list?”

Just hear me out on this one.

The Warrior’s leather jacket is visually identical to the Kaer Morhen Armor, which is Geralt’s classic Witcher 3 look.

It would be a sin to not include such a classic piece of armor.

While the Kaer Morhen Armor and the Warrior’s leather jacket look identical, their stats differ.

The Warrior’s leather jacket has a higher armor rating than the Kaer Morhen variant, and it has better effects.
The armor must be crafted to obtain it.

The good news is that you get the diagram for the armor at the start of the game.

All you have to do is go to an armorer and ask him, or her (yes, I’m looking at you Fergus), to craft the armor for you.

This is a great armor for low-level players just starting out on their Witcher 3 journey who want both style and protection.

Armor: 102
Effects: +20% Piercing Resistance, +20% Bludgeoning Resistance, +30% Slashing Resistance
Level: 14

As a level 14 armor, this is perfect for people who are still early on in their playthrough but want a little extra defense. This is arguably the best armor in the Witcher for early game.

The 102 armor rating provides good protection, especially when fighting early enemies.

It also offers some decent effects that can help you out especially when fighting non-magic enemies.

Armor Rating: 150
Effects: +20% Igni sign Intensity, +25% Piercing resistance, +10% Bludgeoning resistance, +25% Slashing resistance, +100% burning resistance
Required Level: 24

Shiadhal’s armor can either be crafted or found as random loot.

While it is a light armor, it boasts an impressive armor rating of 150 that outclasses some of the medium and even heavy armors in the game.

One of the best advantages it carries is that 100% resistance to burning.

This armor will help immensely when fighting against creatures such as fire elementals.

Also, its resistance to piercing, bludgeoning and slashing damage make it a great all-around armor for fighting your typical human and some monster enemies.

The minimum level for this armor is 24, which makes it a great early/mid armor for your playthrough.

Armor Rating: 180
Effects: +20% Piercing Resistance, 20% bludgeoning resistance, +100%
Poisoning resistance, +35% Slashing resistance, +5% resistance to deflect
projectiles with Quen
Required Level: 30

Since the Tyssen armor offers 100% resistance to poisoning, it will now be a breeze when going into areas such as caves and bogs that are full of poisonous plants and monsters.

Also, that 5% resistance to deflect projectiles with Quen will helpful especially when you run into enemies that are too scared to fight you face to face.

This armor also has a very sleek look that fits well into the Witcher’s lore.

That is, Geralt prefers wearing lighter armor because he needs to be nimble when fighting those disgusting beasts.

As this armor is ranked for level 30, this is a great mid playthrough armor, or even an endgame armor depending on how fast you go through the game.

Armor: 180
Effects: +20% Aard sign intensity, +40% Piercing Resistance, +35% Bluegeoning
resistance, +40% Slashing resistance, +25 Elemental resistance
Required Level: 30

With a design inspired by late medieval armor, this is perfect for those who want to make Geralt look like the classic knight in shining armor.

Boasting resistance to several types of damage, both magical and non-magical, this is a great all-around armor for those that want something that can protect them in most situations.

Just like the Thyssen armor, this is a great piece for those midway through or near the end of the main storyline.

Armor: 190
Effects: +20% Attack power, +10% Piercing defense, +15% Slashing defense, 15%
Monster Defense, +45% Elemental defense
Required level: 34

Now we are onto the fabled Witcher Armors.

With these armors, to search for their diagrams, and gather the right supplies, in order to build them.

Like any Mastercrafted armor, you have to create the other levels of the armor first before you can make the Mastercrafted version.

This guide by IGN goes in-depth on how to acquire each mastercrafted armor variant.

With its +45% elemental defense, the Mastercrafted Feline armor is perfect when you are going to fight enemies that deal lots of elemental damage, such as wraiths.

It will also do pretty well against non-elemental enemies such as humans and drowners with its defense bonuses.

Armor: 190
Effects: +20% Sign Intensity, +17% Piercing resistance, +16% Bludgeoning resistance, +22% Slashing resistance, +30% Monster resistance
Required Level: 30

The Mastercrafted Griffin armor may not boast the greatest armor level when it comes to the Witcher armor sets, but the effects make up for where it’s lacking.

With resistance to piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing, this beautiful golden-scaled armor will give a significant advantage to players who work on the offensive.

It also helps those who rely heavily on signs as it gives that +17% sign intensity.

Armor: 205
Effects: +20% Adrenaline Gain, +17% Piercing Resistance, +16% Bludgeon
Resistance, +22% Slashing Resistance, +30% Damage Resistance
Required Level: 34

The Mastercrafted Wolven Armor resembles the armor of Eskel and Lambert and is the armor that many others in the School of Wolf have worn.

This armor is great for those that have a more tank-type build and like to run right into the fray of the battle.

Also, the extra adrenaline gain makes it easier to gather up the energy to use a sign.

It is important to remember that in the Witcher, those few seconds it can take to have enough energy to use a sign can mean life or death.

Armor: 205
Effects: +20% Adrenaline Gain, +25% Piercing Resistance, +25% Bludgeoning
Resistance, +30% Slashing Resistance, +45% Monster Resistance
Required Level: 34

The Mastercrafted Ursine Armor is fairly similar to the Wolven Armor in the sense that they share the same armor rating and +20% adrenaline boost.

The biggest draw for me with this armor is its +45% monster resistance.

As a Witcher, you will be fighting lots of monsters, whether it is just to make extra money or progress in the plot.

This bonus will help in lots of situations, especially in the mid/late part of the game when you unlock it.

It also does not hurt that this is, arguably, the coolest armor in the game.

The long gambeson coat, the fur collar, the steel pauldrons.

It truly looks like something that a legendary warrior like Geralt would wear.

Armor: 240
Effects: +10% Toxicity, +19% Piercing Resistance, +24% Slashing resistance,
+25% Critical Damage, +31% Damage resistance from monsters
Required Level: 40

This armor was introduced in the last DLC of the Game, Blood and Wine.

As the highest-rated armor in the game, it is the perfect end game armor for the DLC.

Fighting against vampires is hard, extremely hard. (I’d even argue that they are harder to fight than the Wild Hunt).

Thus, although the DLC can be finished without it, it is well worth your time to craft and purchase this armor to help you fight the terrifying beasts featured in the final DLC.

Now, it is time to go off on your adventures as Geralt of Rivia!

And remember, if you ever have issues in your battles, it is well worth the effort to seek out and use these wonderful pieces of armor!

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