6 Tips for Getting Better at Mei in Overwatch

Mei in Overwatch is a unique character to play. Her freezing abilities and ice wall can really help advance a push or stall critical time on defense.

Here are 6 pro tips to increase your Mei skills.

  • Endothermic Blaster

Mei’s primary, otherwise known as the Endothermic Blaster, has two firing modes.

The first being the freeze beam that continuously causes damage while slowing down their movements
until they are completely frozen.

It takes about 1.5 seconds to freeze and enemy with 30 shots.

The second mode is the icicle. This does more damage and is long range.

The best strategy is to freeze an enemy and get a headshot with the icicle.

Squishies (low-health heroes) will usually take one headshot but beefier tanks will take two.

It’s important to master this as it can quickly pick off the other team.

When freezing a player make sure to call out to your team and aim mostly for tanks or heroes that are ulting.

Mei’s beam can safely reach and freeze reaper while he is ulting. A great way to quickly shut him down.

When Mercy is reviving a player it’s best to hit her with two headshots because the beam won’t
freeze her fast enough to stop the ability.

  • “Ice Wall Coming Up!”

Mei’s ice wall is her most crucial ability and can help your team gain the advantage when used correctly.

The wall has five pillars and each pillar has its own health.

It’s very important to communicate with your team each time you put up the wall.

If a teammate calls to put your wall down, PUT IT DOWN!

Be careful not to split your own teammates making them easier targets.

Mei is a great counter to Bastion.

Change the wall to be vertical and place it underneath him.

It might take a little practice, but it’s the best way to pull him away from a shield and make him vulnerable.

  • Block off doorways.

Many maps have doorways that are the perfect size for Mei’s wall such as the second point in Hanamura, the second point of Eichenwalde and many more.

Your goal is to single out a player, mostly a tank like Reinhardt.

Tanks are major picks and allows your team to take control of a situation quickly.

  • Blocking Ultimates.

There are endless ways to block off different hero’s ults.

Anything from raising your team up in Zarya’s Gravitational Surge, McCree’s High Noon, placing a wall in front of Baptiste’s amplification Matrix and so many more.

Get creative!

  • Block Off Escaping Enemies.

If there is an hero trying to escape with low health don’t let them!

Place a wall to block their path or slow them down.
This is especially helpful when Reaper tries to Wraith away. Block him until the 3 seconds are up and pick him off.

Small picks like that can make any situation in your team’s favor.

  • Mei’s Ultimate, Blizzard

Lasting 4.25 seconds and taking up a 10-meter radius it freezes anything that stuck in the radius.

For a good combo use your wall to block off heroes trying to escape.

Throw own the ultimate while the enemy team is bunched up for a great combo, make sure to communicate with your team so you can come together and pick them off one by one.

Always start with the tanks.

My personal favorite thing to do while my team is on defense wait for the last 5 seconds and drop it on the control point or payload.

This way the enemy team can’t get on the point and the ones that are already on will either run or get picked off.

It’s a great way to use time to your advantage.

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