Best mods for cities skylines

Best mods for cities skylines

Best mods for cities skylines helps create your own version of the game, improves your skills and upgrades your strategy. Cities: Skylines game is an open-ended city-building and life simulation game that can only compete with the likes of SimCity and Sims 3. The game is easily moddable, and players can install new features directly from the Steam Workshop page. Using mods help to make the game more fun and exciting to play. There are thousands of amazing mods available in the game that can help you with activities such as traffic management. Here are some of the best mods for cities skylines.

  1. Find It!Best mods for cities skylines

This mod is beneficial when it comes to tracking down assets added to your game. It adds a custom menu with a search bar that allows you to search for individual assets in the game. You can search and find custom assets as well as those that came with the game. For new players that haven’t unlocked many items in the game it is one of the most useful mods. They can use this mod to unlock hundreds of assets in the Steam Workshop.

  1. Loading screen modBest mods for cities skylines

This is an external loader that is much faster compared to the built-in loader that comes with the game. The loading screen provides information about added assets and the standard textures among the assets. Hence saving you the hassle of loading them more than once. It is most useful for players that have installed hundreds of mods in their game and a majority of assets. The mod makes loading time significantly faster. Moreover, it is easy to install and run.

  1. Fine Road Tool

This mod gives you a variety of options when you’re placing roads. Players can decide what kind of path they want when building roads. Also, they have the option to decide if they wish to have a ground road, a road that has a bridge or a tunnel whenever they want. Furthermore, it makes it even possible to construct roads on places deemed impossible in the base game. Players can build roads anywhere on the map and even on locations that are marked as too steep or have a steep slope. This mod offers you a lot of freedom in the construction of roads in the game.

  1. Network Extensions 2

After the Fine Road Tool, we have the Network Extensions 2 mod that gives you a lot more roads to explore in the game. The mod offers you a lot of routes not found in the base game. Not to mention different kinds of roads, a variety of streets and roads with different density. Also, it can solve most of your traffic issues such as traffic snarl-ups due to using small roads or the same route. With this mod, you can diversify the city and introduce new routes for motorists. Moreover, you can even transform a small road to a higher density road. It is an essential mod, especially for proper traffic management in the game.

  1. First-person Camera

This mod allows you to toggle a new camera mode instead of using the boring basic camera. The primary camera is limited and doesn’t quite zoom low enough to the player’s satisfaction. However, the First-person camera allows you to zoom in and stroll around the metropolitan streets, just like a regular Cim does. You can even switch and view the city through the eyes of an existing Cim. Also, it allows you to get close and personal with the citizens of your virtual city.

  1. Extra landscaping tools mod

The Extra landscaping tools mod gives players the power to create their custom landscape with options not available in the base game. Players can edit the allocation of natural resources and re-allocate them to locations of their choice. Also, they can change the natural landscape of a particular area with the use of a configurable prop brush. You can even decide to make the changes pre-game using this mod from the map editor section.

  1. Move it!

This is one of the best mods for cities skylines as it allows you to move just anything and everything anywhere you want in the game. This kind of option is not available in Vanilla game, and this mod provides the right fix to this. Players have the option of placing assets overlapping each other, which is an excellent space management strategy. Furthermore, they can even decide to move an entire section of the city.

  1. Traffic Manager: President Edition

When it comes to traffic management, this is one essential mod that you shouldn’t miss. As we all know, Cities: Skyline has a very big problem when it comes to traffic management. This mod saves the day and allows you to modify everything that interferes with proper traffic management. Using this mod players can change, traffic light timing, junction laws and parking restrictions. There are a ton of other available options I haven’t mentioned.

  1. 81 TilesBest mods for cities skylines

The tile mechanic in vanilla game can be quite boring, but players are restricted from any changes. However, 81 Tiles comes to the rescue and helps to unlock the entirety of the map. This is a quality of life and map mod that liberates the player from restrictions and allows for creative imagination. The mod provides a vast area to expand your cities and solves the shortage of land issue that many players face.

  1. Automatic Bulldoze

In the base game, it is required of you to bulldoze manually abandoned structures. If you choose not to, the land value goes down, buildings adjacent to the pesky building become abandoned, and soon enough the whole city gets abandoned. Manual bulldozing requires considerable time and patience from the player. Furthermore, it leads to the demolition of live buildings triggering residents to move out of the city. There’s only one solution for this problem, and that’s the Automatic Bulldoze mod. This mod bulldozes abandoned and burnt buildings automatically without wasting time. Hence, giving you time to focus on the much more important aspects of the game.


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