M6 Pro Review

M6 Pro Review

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Are you a musician or a music enthusiast and looking for an honest M6 Pro Review? Do you love to use the best headphones in the market? I talked to several music-loving youths to try and discover how important headphones are in their quest to enjoy a favorite pastime. The exact number of those I talked to is 40. In the end, 90% of the youths I talked to admitted that headphones are ‘a must-have’ if they are to have the best in their music experience.

Is this surprising? Not at all. The makers of headphones knew exactly what they were doing when they invented the gadget. Their target market was clear in their mind. The results have not disappointed. True, you may not get musicians on the stage, playing Wembley Arena with their £40 in-ear monitors (IEMs) plugged in their ears. Regardless, Mee Audio have scored a first by branding their latest pair of earphones as ‘professional monitor earphones.’ The company is aiming them primarily at musical types. At a budget-friendly price of just £40, Mee Audio hopes that these in-ears will continue to have a wider appeal.

H3: First Impressions

What will you find on opening the box? You will find the following items and accessories:

  • M6 PRO In-Ear Monitors
  • Cable (2)
  • Stereo headset cable (TRRS)
  • Hard carrying case
  • Silicone ear tips (6 pairs)
  • Stereo audio cable (TRS)
  • Comply memory foam ear tips
  • Shirt clips (2)
  • ¼” adapter (TRS)



  • Good quality packaging
  • No balanced cables options
  • 35mm adaptor
  • Additional cable with mic
  • Comply foam ear tips

The Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generations are, without doubt, a decent pair of ‘pro’ earphones. This is evident right from the first impression of acquiring them. Their efficient cabling drapes over your ears beautifully. They serve to increase stability and decrease microphonics. You can easily remove the cable from the earpieces. This is a common feature among IEMs that usually costs a lot more. It is, however, not so common in pairs that cost merely £40. From afar, the Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation looks awesome. When you move up closer, however, the flaws in the design will likely become more obvious. At this point, they no longer look so impressive.


The transparent casing of the M6 Pro displays simple circuitry.  Replacement of the cable is a simple procedure. The device also features a transparent driver case. The M6 Pro’s choice of transparent casing is interesting. Remember that, the device has only a single dynamic driver, without any complicated circuitry. For this reason, the few exposed wires seem to make the driver unit look rather cheap.

The 2nd Generation of the M6 Pro, however, arrives with a secret weapon. You are free to purchase the custom-engraved faceplates from the company, Mee Audio, and paste them on the driver unit’s side. This would bring up the IEM’s classiness instantly. You may even engrave your brand name on it, if you wish! The device has detachable cables. With these, you can even go wireless, using the Bluetooth adaptor. In case there is cable damage, you don’t need to throw away the entire IEM.  You simply need to buy another cable for replacement.

Audio Quality

You will find that the The Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation headphones really sound significantly better than their sister, the original M6 Pros, which was launched in 2015. The core characteristics, however, remain the same. Mee Audio has improved the sound so that the thin sensibility experienced in the original is now gone. Unfortunately, the sharp treble still remains. The 2nd Generations also have a pronounced treble. They lack the high-quality drivers that are needed to complete this signature without obvious harshness.

The headphone’s Sharp treble can promote higher frequency detail, giving some songs a lift.  Overall, the Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation’s treble is a little bit too pronounced. This translates to a lack of balance. The Sibilant songs are also rather fatiguing since the sharp sounds crowd the ear. The elements, away from the higher frequencies, are good for their price.  The Bass is well balanced, deep and punchy. This is pretty suitable for an earphone of this price.

The treble is quite energetic, mixing well with a solid mid-range. The new headphones give good separation between the tasteful, solid bass, the mids, and dynamics. Without doubt, they provide good value for money.  Certainly, the M6 Pro earphones are also a great improvement over the original model. On the downside, the Mee Audio’s granular treble is still distractingly sharp. The manufacturers could do a lot better than this. Overall, the sound quality of the M6 Pro is satisfactory.


The M6 Pro oozes comfort and fitness to the user. It can be quite cool.  It is a low-profile gadget that comes with a special stiff over- the –memory wire. Many users love it that the M 6 Pro headset is a low-profile device. The driver unit does not stick out because the flat driver shell ensures it. Moreover, the IEM will not feel bulky in your ears because it weighs only 20 kg and is, therefore, lightweight.

Moreover, the IEM is specially made to be worn over the ear. FIT is generally not a problem. However, many users feel that manufacturers should have designed the over-the-ear memory wire in such a way that it would be more moldable. Many find it a bit problematic to wear at first. They report that it took them some time to get the perfect shape for a comfortable user experience.


When you buy the Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generations, you also buy a truly ‘professional’ IEMs at a great price. On the downside, while these are a great improvement over the original version of the M6 Pros, they have not lost their disappointingly prominent treble.  For this reason, we are unable to fully recommend them here. However, it depends on what you, as the user really wants. If you find that the Mee Audio M6 Pro headphones offer many good elements at the price it retails for, you can go ahead and buy a pair of the gadget. They certainly offer some great features at the price tag.


M6 Pro


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