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KZ-ATE Review


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Would you believe that earphones that cost less than $20 would give you the best audiophile experience? Then you should read this KZ-ATE Review. Well, at first I didn’t believe so because at that price you can only find earphones with not so good sound quality. However, my point of view changed when I first discovered In-ear monitors (IEMs) made in China that go by the name KZ ATE. These devices are the best budget earbuds anyone can find in the market today. They insanely offer the best sound quality at that unbelievable price. This is the same sound quality provided by other models at a relatively high price.

After hearing a lot of great things about this product, especially from audiophiles, I decided to have an experience of my own too. I also read a lot of both positive and negative reviews about the product from the customer feedback section. I couldn’t form an opinion on a product that I haven’t used before. To have an unbiased review of this product, I had to place an order for the KZ ATE together with another IEM model (I wouldn’t mention the name) which had the same price tag. After weeks of waiting, the two IEMs were finally delivered. I compared the two in terms of the audio playback quality. Guess what the KZ ATE exceeded my expectations; it’s nothing like the other IEM. The other IEM model was just so basic and average with nothing much to offer.



First Impressions

These earphones are made of plastic, and we all would forgive that considering their fair price. However, this doesn’t mean they are just like the basic cheap earphones sold at the local electronic stores. The earphone cord is quite flexible and of good quality. It comes with a working high definition microphone ensuring efficient hands-free calls. They have a powerful copper driver unit compared to ordinary earphones sold at the same price.

They’re light in weight which ensures they’re not a burden when you wear them. In the box, you’ll find two pairs of silicone eartips and one pair of hybrid foam eartips. Also included is a user manual. The over the ear design is quite confusing if you haven’t used IEMs before. But with time, you’ll know how to fit them in your ears properly. The earphone casing is a see-through plastic with no sweat protection, even though they’re supposed to be sports headphones. Also, it has one button remote control for play/pause, answer/hang up a call but lacks a volume control button.


These incredible earphones have an over-ear design. Hence they create a great seal and rest perfectly on the ears. They have a small compact design with a small weight meaning you can always carry them around with ease. Also, their splendid ergonomic sport design ensures the earphones stay put even when you’re walking, jogging, or running. Thus while enjoying your favorite music, earphones falling off your ears should be the least of your concerns. Furthermore, the in-ear design provides the best attenuation of ambient noise. It is made up of a 32 core long copper cable that ensures effective audio transmission.

The earphones have memory foam eartips, making them fit in the ear canal perfectly. The foam eartip has stiff rubber inner tube surrounded by foam.  Moreover, they create an excellent seal that improves noise isolation in the earphones. The good seal of the IEM is actually what increases the bass response. It has silicone earcaps that ensure the earphone remains durable for an extended period of time. The eartips and earcaps are carefully designed with a reasonable shape that fits most people. The Gold-plated jack prevents oxidation hence providing a better audio restoration. Moreover, it prevents wearing off, which reduces signal loss.

Audio Quality

The audio fidelity is great with the Bass complemented with a well-balanced treble. Even if you choose to customize the equalizer, they will still deliver eccentric and deep Bass. It doesn’t matter the type of music genre that you prefer. Best believe it, this amazing IEMs will give offer you a premium listening experience. I’ll highly recommend these earphones to Bass lovers since they have high-quality Bass mostly reserved for high-end headphones. The sound signature is heavily bass-oriented but with a considerable amount of treble.

This incredible IEMs have a noise reduction technology. This effectively reduces the interference of background noise when you’re listening to music. Additionally, it prevents the leakage of sound, and the sound is reflected back to the eardrum.


Not many people would believe this, but KZ ATE earphones will you give you the same audio fidelity that the best headphones in the market give you. Once you plug in these earphones into your smartphone or laptop, ensure you select tracks with high quality. It’s HiFi sound guarantees you high-quality music playback. I also tested the functionality of the microphone, and it worked out well with me. It uses the international standard plug to support High Definition calls, and the voice comes out quite clear.

While playing music, the sound isn’t that balanced and is much more bass-emphasized. At first, to me, it felt like I had placed a subwoofer in my ear. But with time, I got used to the intense Bass. It’s great if you play music at medium volume. If you want to get totally blown away, then go for high volume. All in all, this IEM model will provide you an amazing sound experience.


The KZ ATE earphones combine style and substance to give you the best sound quality. These earphones are compatible with all smartphones; thus, compatibility is the last thing you should worry about. If you’re working on a tight or low budget and you need quality earphones, then these are the earphones I would recommend. At their price tag, these IEMs are unbeatable. They offer you the ultimate comfort and listening pleasure in style. KZ ATEs are my top choice since, despite their pricing, they still have great sound and comfort. They can be used by athletes, commuters and audiophiles alike and still reproduce high-quality music playback.


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