Grado RS2E Review

Grado RS2E Review

In this Grado RS2E Review, you get to know everything about the headphone. Grado rs2e headphones are well built and beautifully designed. These headphones are constructed the organic material such as leatherwood etc. The system contains all the earthy essence that you want in your headphones. By making use of all these, it does not mean that these headphones are very delicate. But all these different joints and points in the headphones are very solid which makes it a very durable choice.  The headphones of this company are not very famous but after trying them you can certainly say that they are among one of the best in the market. The wire of these headphones is very sleek which makes the headphones much more durable.

The wire attached to the headphone is a very short cable and might be a problem if you are trying to plug it at some distance. You may require an extension in order to use them. You can make use of a plug of 3.5 mm with a removable gold 6.5 mm adapter. These plugs fit properly and without movement.

The sound of the headphones

  • The main motive of any headphones is to provide you with the best sound experience. While hearing the acoustic music the voice is clear and breadth of the sound was astonishing. The guitars rang perfect family resonance was very good, pull of the thumb on strings could be felt by you and the bass notes were very overpowering.
  • The headphones contain bass but were only present in order to provide sounds to drum and the lower notes, but it was not much loud. The best music that you can hear on these headphones is acoustic.
  • The clarity of these headphones is very good, even better than the Sennheiser headphones as the sounds are closer and immediate.
  • You can check the technicality and accuracy of the headphones by listening to the swell music. The performance of the headphones is very good but when the vocal is accompanied by orchestral music then the voice is not much clear.
  • These headphones were also very good when jazz music was played. The voice of the opening drums was delivered superbly. The closeness of the music is very important in order to provide clarity and a good experience for the customers. Due to the closeness, you are excited about listening to good music and you feel involved and pulled towards it.
  • One of the best features of these headphones is that it involves the person into the music due to its closeness. All the 650s provides a very beautiful, smooth and precise voice but if less involving then Grados.
  • One flaw that we found in the headphones was lack of balance at the lower end. It does not mean that the clarity of the sound of these headphones was not good but as compared to Sennheiser, the sound was not much clear.
  • The sound of the headphone was not suitable for each and every type of music but was suitable for various uses. The headphones work best for stripped-back vocal music and acoustic music.

The Comfort

These headphones are not as comfortable as others. You will start to fear the soreness after 40 minutes of listening to your favorite music and this is one of the drawbacks of these headphones.  Although all the problems are due to the lack of good design, these headphones are generally covered by a narrow foam cup. Although the sound of these headphones is very good and if you want to experience it, then you have to suffer a bit. The headphones of the sun visor are built very properly due to which you can listen to your favorite music for hours without suffering. You can also use another alternative such as ordering replacement pads which will help you to listen to your music for a longer period of time.

Overall all these headphones are very bright and colorful and will provide you close interest in your music. But being comfortable while listening to your music is very important and this fact cannot be ignored. The zonk G cushions are very soft and much larger on the surface. They fit very nicely in the ears and will help you listen to your music for a long period of time. These headphones are highly recommended for sound and by changing the ear pads you can improve their comfort level.

The earpads are very stiff and hard which causes discomfort to the people and you cannot enjoy the music for a long period of time. But by washing the ear pads with dish or hand wash, rinsing them completely and then keeping them to dry. By doing a show in every three months you can protect your ear pads from getting damaged.

To Sum it Up

These headphones provide 95% of the burned-in sound. The design of these headphones is very charming as it contains 6 very strong cables. It is very beautifully made and have a handcrafted design which looks very good. The customer can very well know that these headphones are handcrafted, although these headphones have some flaws. These headphones contain removable cables but, due to this these headphones are very durable.

These headphones are built with very strong material but in some places, cheap plastic is used. The plastics are not glued properly which can disappoint the customers, according to the price of the headphones. But as compared to other headphones, the features of these headphones are much better.

Due to the availability of a short cable, these headphones are portable, small and light to carry. These headphones can be used by you outside also as the voice cancellation is not much and is not audible to other people. Although it does not provide much isolation but the headphones leaks less. These headphones are not as comfortable as the other headphones, as a person can listen to music for approximately half an hour without any problem. By changing the ear pads you can remove this flaw and enjoy the other qualities of these headphones.



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