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Thanos car

Thanos car is an image of a customized pickup truck resembling Thanos, a fictional supervillain character from Marvel Studios. The car’s purple color and striped front grill bears a striking similarity to Thanos’s face. Thanos car is a comical image that went viral back in 2018, deriving its popularity from the action-packed adventure movie Avengers: Infinity War. The movie stars Thanos as the main character on the verge of destroying the entire universe, the Avengers and other Marvel Super Heroes fight to stop this. Thanos car portrays a large purple truck with a tire that resembles Thanos’s chin.

Origin of the Photo

What made the Thanos car even more popular is that the picture was used to create a number of viral memes. The earliest available picture of the car on the internet was posted in September 2016 by Berberlevin, a Reddit user. The post was titled ‘Toyota street sweeper,’ and within two years, it had an upvote of 98% and 20 comments on the site. I believe the user who posted it never knew his post would go viral in a span of 2 years. The following year in September 2017, a different Reddit user, SickZX6R, posted another image of the Thanos Truck. This was more popular than the original post of the car as it received more than 14,000 points and 640 comments.

How it became viral

Nevertheless, despite the previous 2 posts being popular, they were never associated with Thanos, the Marvel genocidal warlord from Titan. In November 2017, a Redditor, t_a_6847646847646476, posted a higher quality image of the truck and titled the thread “This pic of Sean The Renovator’s truck was posted to one of my Facebook groups. Looks like it’s in its final form now…”. The post had a 95% upvote and 13 comments. However, he didn’t associate the image with the Marvel character.

In July 2018, a Redditor by the name chestnut_mcgee posted the image of the car in a subreddit named /r/ThanosDidNothingWrong and titled the post “Literally just a truck that looks like Thanos.” This was the first time that someone noted that the truck looks like the Marvel Supervillain. The post received more than 980 points and 20 comments. It is important to realize that Marvel Studios’ Avengers Infinity War had been released three months before the post was made. Hence, it is justifiable to say that the Reddit user might have derived his inspiration from watching the movie. Even though he was the first person to note the similarity between the car and Thanos, his post didn’t blow up the internet at that time.

Thanos car became a popular meme when a Redditor by the name caw_blade posted the image and captioned it “THANOS CAR THANOS CAR.” The post was deemed to be sarcastic in its own way, and it received a 100% upvote and more than 125 comments in the first three weeks. The image became a meme and went viral on the internet. It led to the creation of several memes by other internet users using the same caption “THANOS CAR THANOS CAR.” It was so popular that popular Swedish Youtuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, made a review of the meme in his YouTube channel on 9th September 2018. His review of the meme has garnered over 5 million views on YouTube.

Thanos Car in Roblox

This car was one of the two limited edition free vehicles added to the game in September 2018 alongside the Lotus Exige 360 Cup. It is a variant of the Ford F-150 and was made available between 21st September and 28th September 2018. It is on the citizen team and was sold for only one week. The car was made similar to the meme vehicle and has a one-off horn. It is purple, and its color cannot be repainted. Instead of having grille guards, the Thanos vehicle has a big bumper. The bumper is supported by a suspension lift on the vehicle. The car has a maximum speed of 169km/h same as the top speed of the normal Ford F-150, and has an AWD drive train.

There are four main differences between the regular Ford F-150 and the ‘Thanos car’ in Roblox. These differences include the paint of the car, the bumper, the horn, and adjusted suspension. The Thanos vehicle in Roblox has a permanent purple color while the Ford F-150 is white in color. The Thanos vehicle has an over-sized bumper while Ford F-150 has grille guards. Players can use the Thanos car as an alternative vehicle to the Ford Crown Victoria.

Fun Facts about the Thanos Car in Roblox

  • It has a meme horn that plays music and says a phrase upon pressing the ‘G’ button.
  • The music has a line from Avengers: Infinity War soundtrack, an audio clip where Thanos says ‘Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.’
  • It is slightly different from the viral Thanos car on the internet. The wheels and tires are the same as the F-150 sports pickup in the Ultimate Driving Universe. On the other hand, the viral Thanos car has completely modified wheels and tires.
  • The real version of this vehicle is a 1999 Toyota Tacoma model owned by a renovating company. At the top of the windshield, the name ‘THE RENOVATOR’ is printed across it.


The Roblox Thanos car is no longer available for purchase. It was available for players to purchase between 21st September and 28th September, 2018. Players that missed it during that period have no chance of owning it in Ultimate Driving Roblox. Lastly, the viral Thanos car meme is not as viral nowadays as it was back then.

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