Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Review

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Review

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You’re thinking of starting a small recording studio yet you can’t decide on the perfect Headset to use. In that case, read along this Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Review. I’m here to give you insight into one of the best headphones that you can use in the recording booth. The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is no ordinary headphone; this headphone is best suited to be used by music creators and sound engineers.

I talked to several budding musicians and producers who had just launched their studios. The Headset that most of them use and would recommend to anyone starting out in the music industry is the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. Even musicians who have never used the DT 770 pro before had something good to say about the headphones. I decided to gain more accurate knowledge about this top-notch headphones and write down this review after obtaining sufficient information.

First Impressions

The package contains the headphone, pouch, 1/4’ jack adapter and the user manual. You can unscrew the 1/4′ jack adapter to reveal a much more smartphone-friendly 3.5mm standard termination. They were very much comfortable when I wore them thanks to the soft replaceable ear pads and the soft padded headband. Not only can this set of headphone be used in the recording booth but also by individual listeners who prefer closed-back headphones. Also, the ear cups have a textured dome. This makes them incredibly comfortable even when used for long hours.

The headphone is a bit bulky, which means it is not that travel-friendly. There’s a limited adjustment of the headband, and ear cups don’t rotate freely. As a result, you can’t adjust the headphone and decrease it; hence, portability is an issue. Unfortunately, the cable is not detachable and is firmly attached on one end of the ear cup. This means you can’t switch cables as most people do for detachable cables. Besides, it has a very long cable about 10 feet, which means it’s not ideal for smartphone users or individuals who want to listen to music on their way home. The cable is thick and has a rubber sheathing to ensure durability. They’re not foldable so forget about fitting them in your pants pocket.


The headphones are circumaural or full-size headphones, which means they’re worn around the ear. This design fully seals the head and encloses the user’s ears. This attenuates external background noise from interfering with the user’s concentration, especially when one is working in the studio. These headphones are built to be durable; thus, the headbands and the ear cup forks are enforced with metal. The other layers are made of a combination of thick, durable plastic and rubber. The DT 770 Pro has a strong build, it’s not that set of headphone you would give to someone, and it comes back broken. For that to happen, it must have been greatly mishandled.

It has been specially designed to accommodate those with glasses by the use of a velour padding. In addition, this provides ventilation to let out the little heat generated during use. The headphone pads are removable; hence, you can change them from time to time and also clean them. The earpads have a fabric wrap that provides for cushioning and makes them much comfortable when you put them on. This works to improve sound isolation and reduce background noise interference.

Audio Quality

It comes with a bass reflex system that reinforces the overall bass by changing the curve of low-end frequencies creating a greater extension in the low bass region. The bass response of these headphones is overall great and is well balanced with the treble. A low-frequency resonance and excellent separation of the mid-range creates a powerful bass response. The audio spectrum is well balanced to ensure you receive the best sound quality. It would take an analytical listener to realize the mid-range is a little bit compressed hence instrumentals don’t come out clear as they are supposed to. Even so, the vocals come out clearly.

The treble is delivered correctly on the headphones and maintains all the details. However, the clarity and tonal balance of the headphones isn’t that impressive. Also, the dynamics of the DT 770 pro suffer. The soundstage is impressive, and this makes the headphones suitable for mixing and mastering. They’re not the best headphones for tracking either since the sound is so neutral that it fails to emphasize on certain frequencies. The sound is crystal clear and concentrates more on the highs, which makes them generally good for overdubs. DT 770 pro has crisp and clean resounding high notes that if you’re not used to you’ll feel like they’re hurting your ears.


A resistance of 80 ohms means it doesn’t perform best on devices like smartphones. The headphone closed-back design restrains sound from escaping from either ear cup of the headphone. If somebody is seated next to you, he won’t be able to hear what you’re listening to. You can wear the DT 770 pro for long without hurting your ears because they’re built for comfort. These headphones have fast dynamic drivers that allow them to render music at an incredible speed. Unlike slower headphones, the DT 770 pro will enable users to hear even the tiniest details in the music. The soundstage is perfect, and you’ll feel like the music resonates from your head.


Many new alternative headphones can compete well against the DT 770 pro. However, the sound quality of the DT 770 pro stands out. For users who have no portability issues and need professional headphones, the DT 770 pro is made for them. Although it’s a bit ‘old’ compared to the newer models, this headphone is still worth it. It provides good comfort and noise isolation for its users. I wouldn’t recommend these headphones to users used to ultra-portable headphones. The fact that most parts of the headphones are replaceable makes them durable for a long time since you can change parts that wear off or break. If you want a classic headphone with good sound quality, then the DT 770 pro is the best option. 


Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro


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