Best Personal GPS Tracker no Monthly Fee

Best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee

Best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee? Is that even possible? We can find the answer by simulating a few scenarios.

You have been looking forward to spending a weekend out with your kids. Everything goes on as planned. The kids are having fun at the park while you sit at a bench and indulge in a book. Soon it is time to go home, and you cannot find your kids.

Your spouse leaves home in the family car and sets out on one of their driving practice sessions. Hours later, you have not heard from them. Did they make it back home safely?

We have GPS trackers in the market that charge no monthly fees. You only pay a one-off cost, for the device, and no other costs after that. We went searching, and we can now help you find the most suitable. We have reviewed 10 of the best and summarized their benefits for you.

Vyncs GPS Tracker

The Vyncs GPS Tracker is a device for tracking vehicles. It is a non-subscription GPS tracker that collects data in real-time. Every three minutes, it sends the information collected to a server. You can adjust its settings to receive updates every 15, 30, or 60 seconds.

Besides, the tracker does not require batteries to function. It draws its power from a car’s OBD-II port. If the car’s engine is on, the gadget remains active. When you switch off the vehicle, it becomes partially inactive. It reactivates once per hour before going back to sleep again. That way, it updates the location of your car every hour.

Vyncs gives you vehicle and driver alerts. You can tell whether the person driving your car is speeding or not. If they make stops, the device alerts you. Also, the device will show fuel levels, economy, battery voltage, and all the trip history you might need.

If someone removes the device and plugs it back, you get a tamper alert. If you are running a commercial fleet, the Vyncs Fleet version supports over five vehicles in one account.


  • Simple installation and sign up
  • No monthly fee
  • The tracker needs no batteries
  • Does not require a phone to operate; it can connect to a computer or laptop
  • You can customize it to your needs
  • It sends out both email and text alerts
  • Suitable for both personal and commercial vehicles


  • GPS does not work in some locations
  • Updates only come every 15 seconds; nothing less

GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device

The GPSit1000BZL tracks vehicles in real-time and gives you fast updates at every site. It helps you keep track of mileage, trips taken, landmarks of the area driven plus odometer alerts. It uses the vehicle battery power, 12 or 24 volts. The device has three inputs that you can configure. One is for car sensors detection, and the other two are for the control of car accessories.

Installation takes a little time, under a minute. You only need to plug in the tracker in your car’s On-Board Diagnostics port. Alternatively, you can use the three-wire configuration approach that involves connecting three wires; positive, negative, and ignition. You can tell them apart by their color codes as follows:

  • Red – positive
  • Black – negative
  • White – ignition

The device accurately monitors your vehicle while in motion. It sends you updates on its location, speed, turns made and so on every two minutes. Also, when the car stops, it updates the status to a server. Being an LTE model, it is compatible with most US phone and GPS networks.

With this car tracker, no monthly fee, charges or hidden costs apply for operating the device. However, you need mechanical knowledge to install it. GPSit1000BZL sends updates to your phone and desktop devices. It comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. However, this only applies to the hardware.


  • No monthly fees or contracts
  • Wide global coverage
  • Offers a one-year warranty on the hardware
  • Uses geofence
  • Easy setup for notifications and boundaries


  • Installation requires mechanical knowledge

Bartun Vehicles GPS Tracker

Bartun GPS is an easy-to-install tracking device. It has a strong magnet that attaches to any metallic surface on your car’s engine or other parts of the vehicle’s body. It tracks the movement and activities of your automobile in real-time. It has a positioning accuracy of five meters.

The gadget tracks the status of your vehicle on smartphone and computer. If you like, you can get SMS alerts showing accurate GPS coordinates. It comes with a 5000mA rechargeable battery that can remain active for 90 days without the need for a recharge.

To locate your car, you will need to find apps that are compatible with the Bartun GPS tracker software. No need to worry as you can find these in both iOS and Android stores.

Besides, with its water-resistant qualities, there are no concerns over driving in rainy conditions or over spillage on the road. From its webpage, you can locate the tracker any time you desire.

The manufacturer does not issue a SIM card for the product. Therefore, you must purchase it separately. In the product package, you will find a micro sim card adapter, a carry bag, eject pin, and a USB cable.


  • It is easy to install; it only takes a few seconds
  • It is water-resistant
  • It is magnetic and can attach to any part of your car
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting battery with a 90-day standby on a full charge


  • The instruction manual provided does not give clear instructions
  • Bartun tracker only uses the 3G network SIM cards

VyncsMo 3G GPS Tracker

The VyncsMo tracking device offers a real-time location with updates every 60 seconds. You can also adjust your settings to receive feedback at 15 or 30 seconds. It also has geofence alerts, a speeding histogram, and round the clock roadside assistance in Puerto Rico, Canada, and the US.

Besides the three countries mentioned, Vyncs Mo works in over 100 other countries. The device also gives you a driver score detailing how they fared on every trip. It has a smooth installation process that only requires you to plug in the kit and create a user account. There is no contract or activation fee required.

The device has nano accelerometer technology for detecting rapid and unusual movement in your car. It also gives fuel reports, an aspect that helps you monitor utilization plus you can plan for the best way to attain fuel economy. Other benefits include battery wellbeing reports, engine light checks, OEM recall notification, and emissions.

The USA roadside assistance covers things like a flat tire, battery service, towing, fuel delivery, and misplaced keys. The VyncsMo is a top-quality GPS tracker for car; no monthly fee charged provides for vehicle safety and helps you keep auto maintenance costs low.


  • The device requires no batteries; it uses the vehicle’s
  • Gives updates in real-time
  • It can detect rapid car movements such as braking and acceleration
  • It provides you with regular reminders on car maintenance


  • The gadget may not work correctly in some regions such as rural areas
  • Occasional GPS errors may occur


The TKSTAR runs on a 10000mAh battery that has a four-month standby period when fully charged. It has a 90-day history track memory with the option of viewing LBS or GPS location data. It also provides a vibration and geofence alarm. You can restrict movement by setting up a virtual boundary. Each time your car veers of the designated location, the device sends an alert.

TKSTAR tracks the location via SMS or web applications. If you want to locate the car or tracker, call its phone number. You can also send a message, and the device will message you back the location via a Google Maps link. The gadget works well with personal cars, commercial trucks, or any other fleet.

The device supports both GSM 2G and 3G networks. It is water-resistant and requires no installation since it has an in-built magnet. If you are using the manufacturer’s free app, the tracker maintains a location accuracy of between five to ten meters. Out of all the vehicle tracking devices, no monthly fee, or have issues to do with battery life, and we loved this one.


  • Does not require installation; it has a powerful magnet that attaches to your car
  • Using it is simple
  • There is no contract or activation fee required
  • Tracks in real-time using Google Maps
  • Battery has a long standby of 120 days
  • Has anti-theft vibration alert
  • Detects when someone tries to remove the gadget


  • Emits a weak signal when battery power is low

Automatic Connected Car Assistant

The device runs on the free-to-download Automatic CCA app. It is only available for use in the US. If your car is involved in a severe accident, the device sends a crash alert.

Other features include real-time tracking, car location notification, driving history, and roadside assistance. It also detects engine defects. For owners of commercial fleets, it provides useful insights via trip tracking and fuel consumption trends.

Installation is easy as all it takes is plugging in, downloading the app, and connecting to your car. The select service is available at no cost for three years. Alternatively, you can also opt for the premium subscription, which is free for the first six months. After that, you pay a low $5 monthly fee. Of course, we would not encourage you to pay for anything. However, we felt that you should know.

Nonetheless, why should you got for the premium subscription when you can use the real-time GPS tracker for car, no monthly fee, and other free benefits? The purpose of having such a review is to advise you on the top models retailing in the market. We also tell you why you should spend your hard-earned money on such gadgets.

The Automatic CCA tracker works with gas, diesel, and hybrid auto engines. It is not compatible with plug-in hybrids, hydrogen hybrids, and electric vehicles. Also, the manufacturer provides an 18-month guarantee.


  • One-and-a-half-year warranty
  • Comes with roadside assistance


  • Only available for US car owners, it does not service users outside the United States

Vyncs Premium

This tracker runs on a 3G wireless network. The SI card comes with the product. All you must do is create your account and start using the device right away.

Vyncs Premium offers roadside services for one year in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. It also has a three-minute refresh rate for GPS tracking. With the tracker, you can modify your settings to give notifications when your car departs or arrives at its destination.

The device records all trips in a table or log. If you wish to view details of a journey, go to the table and retrieve. You can also download the information on a spreadsheet. It also allows you to pick preferences such as location by day or last known destination.

A trip performance index helps evaluate the driver score. A speeding histogram shows you how long your car was in specific speed zones. However, the gadget does not have an in-built battery. It relies on the power generated by your car battery.

If a driver or another person tampers with the device, it sends you an alert once plugged in. The tracker also sends signals for peculiar driving instances such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, over-speeding and rough maneuvering at corners.

Vyncs Premium is USA’s, Canada’s and Puerto Rico’s best vehicle tracking device; no monthly fee required.


  • Easy installation
  • Requires no in-built battery
  • Offers roadside assistance


  • Roadside assistance is only available in three countries
  • Device remains exposed
  • Driver or another person can tamper with it


The MiCODUS GPS tracker attracts no monthly fees. It works with both the 2G and 3G SIM cards. With this tracker, you can send a fuel or power cut-off command from a remote location. The ability to immobilize your car is crucial, especially after it gets stolen.

Also, when the person driving your car over speeds, the tracking device sends an SMS to the driver. With that, they can slow down to a safe speed. Besides, the tracker is water and dustproof. These features allow the gadget to remain intact even when driving under diverse weather conditions and rough terrain.

Other features include:

  • Gadget-tampering alarm
  • Low battery alert
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Low-battery alert

The device uses both LBS and GPS positioning technology with an accuracy of 5-10 meters. If the gadget loses the GPS signal, the LBS kicks in. At desired intervals, you can review the driving experience and identify where unsafe driving occurred.

A geofence is a virtual boundary that you can erect using the tracker’s software. Each time your car enters the marked location, the tracker notifies you. You can use geo-fencing to demarcate no-go zones for your teen or workers in the case of a commercial vehicle. When you think of the best personal GPS tracker, ‘no monthly fee’ does not sound like cliché. These features alone speak volumes.


  • No monthly fees
  • Multiple car track functions
  • Real-time feedback
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Magnetic cover for easy mounting


  • You can only add the device to your account via the app

CaGuan Mini Portable Magnet GPS Tracker

The CaGuan is a relatively small gadget, but very useful in auto-monitoring. It provides accurate tracking in real-time, plus you can choose the feedback interval. It offers the option of data feedback at between 30 seconds to 120 minutes. The product has a powerful magnet making it easy to install on your car or other assets.

Also, its small size makes it hard to locate once fitted. To use the device, download its app from your smartphone, PC, or tablet. Each gadget bears a unique EMEI number, and this is what you use as your account name when accessing your account. After the first login, you do not need to remember any passwords or usernames.

Besides, the device keeps your tracking history for 12 months. It allows you to view the day’s activity. You can see whether your driver or family member drove to areas you do not permit. You can see why CaGuan is your best personal GPS tracker, no monthly fee or hidden charges plus it has loads of features.

The CaGuan tracker has a 600 mAh in-built battery. Using the gadget involves a simple task. You install the SIM card, download the app, and log in. To switch it on, long-press the SOS button for three seconds.


  • Tiny gadget that is easy to hide
  • Has a strong magnet for mounting on the car


  • It does not come with a SIM card; you must buy one
  • Its battery has a short standby time


The VIFLYKOO is a GPS tracking device with no monthly fee. We recommend it for tracking vehicles, other assets as well as people. It monitors movement and other activities in real-time and stores the information for up to three months. Its 12000mAh battery lasts two months when fully charged.

Also, the product has a magnetic case, which is also waterproof. Driving under rainy conditions or over pools of water on the road does not cause the device to malfunction. The gadget features five magnets for a firm attachment to your car’s body. Other features include:

  • Tracking of movement, stoppage, and speed: you remain abreast of everything that unfolds on the road
  • Geo-fencing: by demarcating no-go areas, everyone adheres to your limit instructions
  • Low battery alert that lets you know when to recharge
  • Replay of routes driven
  • Engine on and off alert
  • Tracker tampering notification

Upon purchasing the product, you will also need to procure a GSM SIM card as the package does not include it. Besides the tracker, you get a USB charging cable and a user manual.

For you to classify a device as the best personal GPS tracker, no monthly fee, user-friendliness, ease of installation, and battery longevity are critical aspects. VIFLYKOO scores highly in all these categories hence the reason we brought it to your attention.


  • Has five magnets for a firm attachment
  • Two months of battery time
  • Six-month tracking history
  • Waterproof cover
  • No monthly fee


  • Poor GPS reception in some cases
  • Some SIM cards do not work on this device

Factors to consider when buying GPS tracker

From our review, you can see that purchasing the best personal GPS tracker, no-monthly-fee is not an easy task. If you visit online retail sites such as Amazon, you will notice that there are hundreds of trackers on sale. To bring you closer home, we have reviewed only ten devices, and already it seems like this is too much.

Choosing a tracker is just the first step. Once you procure one, you must learn how to configure and use it. We trust that our tips will guide your buying decision. Also, from this review, you now have a roadmap.

All we can say is that you should not make a hasty decision. If you get an opportunity to visit a GPS tracker dealer, pick a few models. Hold them in your hands. If not, then let the power in GPS tracker reviews help you zero-in on your options.

Having said this, let us now proceed to factors to consider when buying a GPS tracker:

How you intend to use it

Be clear about what purpose the tracking device will serve. It could be that you have teenagers in your house learning how to drive. Perhaps you want to monitor your spouse’s driving skills as they too may not be confident. On the other hand, you could be owning a fleet of commercial vehicles. The more precisely you know what the device will do, the better off you will identify an appropriate model.

Your spending budgets

GPS trackers retail at different prices depending on the brand and features. The best part is that once you have decided on what the tracker will do, you can get a good deal from a retailer. Also, consider whether you want to pay a monthly cost or not. In our review, we have dealt with the best personal GPS tracker with no monthly fee. You may think that the more expensive a device is, the better is its accuracy. Far from it; features determine the cost.

Data security

We have seen from the review that tracking devices collect vast amounts of personal data. Your car tracker will, for instance, show places your spouse has been. It will show the time they spent in destinations, their driving patterns, and so on. If this information falls on the wrong hands, you might be a victim of stalkers. Check and verify that it has a high level of security, and your data is secure always.

Power supply

Majority of the trackers we have reviewed use an in-built battery. As you shop for a tracking device, take note of its battery standby time. Some go for a month, three months, or even six. However, our advice is to buy spare batteries. The ones on the gadget may run out when you least expect. Other models utilize the power generated by your car’s battery. If the device remains plugged in, it will recharge when the car engine is running.

Waterproofing and weather resistance

Water-resistant trackers can withstand wet seasons as well as water splashes. We have covered some of the models that have this feature. When you are driving in rainy conditions or hit an occasional pool of water, you want to be confident that nothing will damage the microchip or motherboard. Therefore, if the tracker you have chosen stays on the underside of your car, it must not only keep away water but also dust and moisture.

Alerts and notifications

While a GPS main task is to monitor the object and give its location, you will get more value if it also provides other smart alerts. For instance, in the ten models just reviewed, most have a geofencing ability. In other words, you can define a virtual boundary that your car should not cross. If it does, the tracker notifies you of the same. Over speeding is another crucial alert. When breached, you need to know as the safety of the people traveling in your car depends on it. Therefore, choose a gadget that issues such alerts in addition to pinpointing locations.

Network coverage

Through cellular technology, GPS devices relay their data to servers. Your PC or smartphone then accesses it for your action. Before you procure the gadget, find out the cellular network that it uses. Does the GPS tracker come with a SIM card? Do you need to obtain one? What mobile technology does it support, 2G, or 3G? Answers to these questions will lead you to an appropriate device. Also, ensure that there is coverage in the areas where your car ventures. You must even know how long it takes for your network to relay data.

Accessories and warranty

Your device must have an assortment of accessories such as a charging cable, mounting brackets, and carrying case. If you need to keep the tracker in a hidden place, a waterproof magnetic case will suffice. GPS trackers require a map and a user application. You should be able to upload these without charge. Also, manufacturer’s warranties always come in handy when the kit malfunctions. Inquire about this and its specifics. Most warranties cover only the hardware.


Is there a GPS tracker with no monthly fee?

Yes. For instance, all the ten GPS trackers that we have reviewed have no monthly fee. How this works is that you only spend an initial cost when buying the device. These devices collect data and relay it to servers dedicated for that purpose. All these activities cost money.

Naturally, the user of the gadget should meet this cost. Since in our case there is no monthly fee, you still need to use a SIM card for your tracker. While the tracker vendor will not charge you for the service, the only cost you will incur is for SIM card usage.

How can I track my car with my cell phone?

After buying a GPS tracker, go to the Google Play Store and download the tracker app. Each tracker model has a unique app, so it will not be challenging to find one. After you download, install it on your phone. Proceed to open a user account as this is what you will use in the future for all tracking.

The standard procedure is to enter a username, create a password, confirm it, and create the account. Once you sign up, ensure that you add the GPS device to your mobile number. From here, ensure that your car has the tracking device. You can always do a test run to see whether it works.

How does a tracking device work?

Trackers use GPS (Global Positioning System) technology with 27 satellites orbiting the earth. They go around the globe every 12 hours through ground stations that control them. Initially, the US military deployed the technology before allowing public use later.

These satellites transmit microwave signals that the tracking device picks. A tracker only needs electronic messages from three GPS satellites to determine its location depending on its distance from these satellites. The receiver deciphers the signal and sends it to servers as coordinates. It also states the direction headed (if moving), speed and time.


Personal GPS trackers have become increasingly popular among car owners globally. With a tracking device, you can monitor where your car went. Also, you can “read” its history, which includes speed, fuel consumption, stoppages, acceleration, and braking. Tracking devices will also alert you on carbon emissions from your engine as well as possible malfunction.

Most importantly, trackers help protect your car from theft. If an unauthorized person takes control of your vehicle, the tracker sends an alert prompting you to immobilize the car. Once immobilized, the thief has no option but to abandon the mission. After that, you can, with the help of police and tracking company officials retrieve your automobile.

With most GPS trackers, you will incur a cost for the services. There is also the cost paid to the network service provider. However, there is a category of trackers with no monthly fees. We have tackled ten examples of such gadgets where you only pay for the cost of the device. With such, you save money while you enjoy the trappings that come with keeping tabs on the whereabouts of your asset.

We hope that you have benefited immensely from our review of the best personal GPS tracker no monthly fee.


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