Best Longboard Trucks

Best Longboard Trucks


You may want to get a custom made board and are wondering where to get the best longboard trucks for your board.  Or you may want to repair your old board and are worried about trucks.  How do you go about selecting a perfect pair of longboard trucks?

You cannot underestimate the importance of selecting the best longboard trucks for your board.  The performance of your board largely depends on the trucks you have.  Your board may be a good choice, but a poor selection of trucks will reduce the performance of the longboard.

We endeavor to take the guesswork out of choosing the ideal trucks for your use.  Here below we have reviewed 7 of the best longboard trucks available anywhere.

  1. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks – set of two

This set is one of the best longboard trucks from Caliber.  Accurately named Caliber II, it is a vast improvement on Caliber I.  The truck sets are made with new manufacturing techniques to improve on the already impressive caliber I.  They are sold as a pair, so you have enough to set up your longboard.  You will love these trucks.


  • These longboard trucks are very stable and suitable for carving. You have numerous options when it comes to configuring Caliber II for a perfect feel.
  • An improved inner step will give you more contact with the bushing, which increases rebound and responsiveness. The outer level is a perfect circle, such that it has a no-slip fit with all bushings.
  • The bushings seat has been re-designed to for improved performance. It is now no slip.  Its new improved design eliminates excess movement that results in the distribution of your weight translating into a turn.
  • Caliber II has been manufactured with a unique in-house treatment process to strengthen it by as much as 40% more than previous designs.
  • These exceptional trucks from Caliber also include ultra-high rebound bushings 89a in blood orange.


The trucks are excellent and all-weather.  You can go with them in the mud, rain, and dirt.  Machining on these trucks is right.  The casts and mounting point for the wheels are super.   The trucks also look quite good and are easy to install.  They are agile and predictable when sliding, according to reviewers online.  Overall, they have good reviews online.  Get yourself a pair of these trucks for a genuinely enjoyable ride.


This combo set is ideal if you want everything you need for your longboard trucks to come in one set.  It is one of the best longboard trucks that come at an equally good price.  The trucks are not designed for sliding, but still, make an excellent truck set.


  • You get an opportunity to choose the color of the trucks you want to purchase. You have a choice between black and a variety of colors.  You also choose the color of the wheels that will come with the trucks.  This is necessary especially for those who worry about aesthetics.
  • They are 9.675-inch design trucks. They are HD 7 175mm reverse kingpin longboard trucks with hanger.  They are manufactured for extensive use.  The kingpin on these trucks is Grade 8 aluminum alloy, which is an excellent choice for the construction of trucks.
  • The bushings supplied on these trucks are 90A PU, which are superb for the purpose of the trucks.
  • The trucks come with risers that are black, ¼ inch pads. They are designed to create more space between the deck and the wheels to prevent wheel bite.  Avoiding direct contact between the deck and the trucks reduces strain on the deck.
  • Ritalin ABEC 5 chrome is the type of bearings included with these trucks. They are 8 and come pre-coated with synthetic oil.  The bearings are fairly standard and very suitable for these trucks.
  • The combo set comes with four wheels, 70mm by 51mm, Q-ball 78A hardness.


The trucks have good reviews online.  The metal that makes them is not cheap and is durable.  Tightening or loosening the kingpin adjusts the trucks.  The risers make it unnecessary to cut the longboards on the edges to prevent wheel bite.  They are good on many surfaces.  This combo is ideal for anyone who wants to get value for their money.  Get yourself a set.

  1. Paris 180mm 50° RKP Trucks (Set of Two)

These are trucks manufactured by Paris Truck Company come in varying colors. The manufacturer offers warranty for a lifetime on these trucks, which speaks volumes of their quality and makes them some of the best longboard trucks available out there in the market.


  • They are manufactured with a hanger that is 180mm, which increases the responsiveness of the truck and allows sharp turns to be made. This size is also perfect for most decks and suits most riding styles.
  • With a Paris 180mm RKP truck, you can ride over roads overflowing with debris and not feel a thing. The bushing on these trucks is 90A hardness and manufactured from urethane for the best vibration damping available on the market.
  • The baseplate is made from gravity molded 356.2 virgin Aluminum. The hanger is also made from this material.
  • The baseplate angle is 50 degrees for a perfect balance between maneuverability and stability.
  • The drilling of the 6-hole baseplate is both old and new school. This allows the trucks to be fitted with either old or new board.
  • The trucks are an improvement and upgrade of previous Paris models, making them one of the top-selling boards brands in the market.
  • The trucks are built to take on any terrain.


The trucks make for a smooth, comfortable ride.  They work well even if you create your boards. The bushings hold a lot of weight and maneuver quickly.  They also look great.  Well over 90% of reviewers online gave these trucks the topmost 5-stars reviews.  Acquire a pair, and you will not regret the buy.

  1. Gullwing Sidewinder II Truck (Set Of 2), Silver, 10-Inch

These are a perfect pair of longboard trucks from Gullwing.  Gullwing has been manufacturing longboard tracks for over 35 years and have perfected what they do.  Even if you never rode the gullwing trucks as a child, you will find this set of trucks quite ideal for enjoyment.


  • These trucks are the latest version of the gullwing double kingpin carving truck. They are an upgrade and improvement of the past model.  The design is sleeker than previous models.
  • They have double kingpin construction. This construction is better compared to single kingpin because it allows the rider to turn sharper and faster.
  • The truck mounts are standard as well as old school. This is good news for those still using older boards.
  • The base plate is customized.
  • The trucks are made to emulate a snowboard ride style when they are mounted on concrete.
  • The bushings are 89a, just ideal for this 10” (183mm) trucks.
  • Amateur, as well as not lightweight riders (say 120 pounds), can ride this comfortably. Not just heavier riders can enjoy these trucks, which makes them some of the best longboard trucks on the market.
  • They are perfect for carving and do what they were designed to do extremely well. Some describe these as the best carving trucks in the market.
  • The design of a relatively small truck is ideal. It uses only four screw holes as opposed to six in most other conventional trucks.
  • The trucks are incredibly easy to install.


These trucks are from an experienced manufacturer.  They get great reviews online with over 87% of reviewers giving them a 5-stars review.  They are certainly worth purchasing, especially if you plan to do a lot of carving.

  1. Bear by Landyachtz Grizzly 852 Longboard Trucks

These are some of the most versatile trucks available on the market.  They are made to ride smooth, and you can adjust the performance of the trucks.  Most setups can use Bear Grizzly 852 trucks.


  • The shape of the truck’s hanger allows you to adjust it and determine how the longboard performs. You can flip the truck to have a lower turning radius, which is ideal for higher speeds and going downhill.  You can also leave the truck in standard settings which still leave the truck able to turn a lot and responsive to the rider.  This feature ranks this amongst the best longboard trucks on the market.
  • The bushings are hard enough to keep the board straight at high speeds.  The bushings are all revised as well as less restrictive.  They are compatible with most other bushings in the market.
  • They provide excellent stability and handle downhill very well.
  • The baseplate has an 8-hole mounting system to allow for both recent and old school drill patterns. The trucks can be used even by those who have old types of boards.
  • The baseplate is lighter than in previous models. It is strength tested and engineered to perfection.
  • A specialized casting formula is used to make the trucks. The alloy used to make the trucks is tested and certified free of impurities before use at the factory.  Virgin aluminum 8356 is utilized for all castings.
  • Rear baseplate legs have been widened to prevent any possible baseplate warping and enable the trucks to withstand any substantial impact.
  • The bushing base is lock-in and the leaning system fully-wrapped. These features allow you to get no restrictions on turning and an extra lean.


These probably are some of the best trucks money can pay for.  They make for a comfortable, smooth ride that you will love.

  1. VJ Skateshop 7” Reverse 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Black, Silver) (Set of 2)

These are great longboard trucks that are a reverse kingpin.  They are available in heavy-duty aluminum color options in silver and black.  They are a pair of trucks every sports addict must-have.  Here are some of their key features.


  • These trucks are excellent for your dropdown board, longboard, downhill, and skateboard, making them amongst the best longboard trucks available. They are versatile and durable.
  • Very robust and sturdy with a width of 180mm and 9.75 inches axle to axle.
  • They have splendid bearings.
  • The trucks look good because of the bright color.
  • The manufacturer of this product, VJ is a reputable manufacturer. They only make quality products that meet reasonable standards.
  • The trucks ride smoothly and easy.
  • You will quickly install the trucks onto the deck.


These trucks come at a good price and are aesthetically pleasing.  That they fit on almost all types of boards makes them a favorite of many sports lovers.  Get your set today for an excellent ride and perfect feel.

  1. Gullwing Mission Truck (Set Of 2), Silver, 9-Inch

This is the standard cruising and carving truck from Gullwing.  Gullwing are still innovative and progressive, giving you one of the best longboard trucks on the market.  With over 35 years of experience, Gullwing products are tried and tested, and never disappoint.


  • It is a 161mm truck in size.
  • It is ideal for cruising and carving, giving you exceptional performance in these sports activities.
  • Bushings are 89a cone and barrel combo.
  • It has a taller ride to prevent or reduce wheel bite.
  • Its mounting system is 6-hole, suitable for both old and new truck patterns. This mainly helps those with old-style boards.
  • It has 9” length, axle to axle.
  • Easy to install and usable even by amateurs.
  • Come at an affordable price for their exceptional quality.
  • They are ideal even for lightweight riders, including children.
  • The trucks are usable on a wide variety of boards, including custom made boards.
  • They have an excellent type of bushings. They are not too hard or too soft.


These are good solid full trucks. The experience Gullwing has, making these trucks shows when you consider the exceptional quality of these trucks.  For their unique quality, you will do well to get yourself a pair.

Longboard Trucks Buying Guide

We have compiled this buying guide so that when you go out there, you will get the best longboard trucks for your gaming needs.  You need to know what you need to consider before you make a buying decision.  Here is what you need to look out for in your longboarding trucks.

Longboard trucks are the t-shaped metallic pieces that you mount on the underside of a board and attach to the wheels.  Trucks are a vital part of a longboard.  Each skateboard has two of this.  Longboard trucks comprise of the following parts.

  • Axle. A piece of metal that is long and thin that runs through the hanger and connects to the wheels.  Hanger width should always come as close to possible to matching your hanger width.  With carving and cruising hangers, you can get away with much less width of the hanger as compared to the board.
  • Hanger. This is the longest part of the truck which is a triangular piece that supports the axle.  The axle runs through the hanger.
  • Kingpin. This is a large bolt that fits inside the bushings and holds truck parts together.
  • Bushings. Soft urethane rings mounted around the kingpin, which allow the board to turn and smoothly pivot.

How to Choose Longboard Trucks for Your Board

When choosing longboard trucks for your board, you must consider the following two questions.

  1. How wide should my trucks be?
  2. Do I want standard or reverse kingpin trucks?

Choosing the Width of Trucks

The truck width must come as close as possible to the width of your boards.  It should be within ¼ of an inch.  You get the best longboard trucks by checking precisely this kind of specifications.  You will get superior performance if you match your deck and track width.  But if your trucks are just a little too wide or narrow for your boards, it should not be an issue.  Just a little larger is better though than a little smaller.

In a nutshell, a larger truck will be less responsive and more stable, while a narrower truck will be more responsive and less stable.  For these reasons, a 10” or 180mm truck is the standard truck for downhill, while a 9-10” or 150-180mm truck is standard for freeriding or cruising.

Do not be confused about how to measure the length of your trucks.  If a company measures its trucks in inches, it often refers to axle length only.  If they measure their trucks in millimeters, this usually relates to the hanger length.

Standard or Reverse Kingpin Trucks

The riding you intend to do on your setup determines the kingpin you choose.  In standard Kingpin Trucks, (SKP), the Kingpin is behind the hanger.  These are usually used for park and street skateboarding.  The kingpin does not interfere when performing coping tricks such as grinding.  They are the narrower types of trucks, as compared to Reverse Kingpin Trucks (RKP).  Some reputable companies though offer the wider ones for a vast number of uses on longboards.

RKP trucks are mostly used for longboarding.  They are responsive at slow speeds and provide more control and stability at higher speeds.  The kingpins face in the direction of the nose and tail of the board.  RKP trucks sit higher than SKP trucks.  If you are more interested in carving, transportation, freestyle, freeride and downhill as opposed to taking your longboard to the park or grinding ledges, RKP trucks are more suited as they give you more stability and responsiveness.

Truck Baseplate Angle

This refers to the baseplate angle relative to the kingpin.  This angle determines how well your truck handles turns.  If you want to do sharper turns, you go for a higher angle, say 50 degrees.  This is because of increased deck lean.  A lower angle implies less ability of your longboard to do sharp turns.  A 50-degree angle will allow enough stability for downhill.  An experienced rider, though, can use a 44-degree baseplate angle with a 180mm hanger for competitive downhill racing.

A 50-degree angle is recommended for beginners and people riding at speeds less than 35mph.  Lower degree baseplate angles are usually better for riding fast freeride and downhill because you turn less while learning more.  If you intend to do higher speeds, a less responsive set up is better because it exaggerates even the smallest movement.

Bushings Seat

This is the pocket in the hanger’s center which controls the truck’s ability to turn.  It is necessary for RKP trucks.  Bushing seats that fit snugly around the bushings and tight significantly restrict the movement of the truck.  Such bushings are ideal for speed and freeride as well as downhill where stability is necessary.

Loose-fitting bushing seats are good for low speeds, but turn smooth as are quite unrestricted.  Such trucks are the ideal choice for carving, transportation, and freestyle.  Trucks with this kind of bushings seats are highly responsive.  Most trucks available today can be customized for any riding as their bushings seat fixing is neither too tight nor too loose. Manufacturers who get this specification correct give you some of the best longboarding trucks in the market.

Precision Trucks

These are the trucks for expert longboarders.  These are designed for advanced sportspeople who want only the best for the performance of their trucks.  A CNC machine cuts a precision truck out of a single piece of metal.  CNC machining allows the trucks to be perfected to the most trivial detail.  This makes the trucks stronger, and performance matches the specifications of the trucks.  This type of machining allows for a more stable ride and more predictable smoother turns.

These type of trucks are often more expensive than their counterparts that are cast.  They are worth paying a premium price for, though, as they give plenty of service and often outlive those that are cast.  These trucks are for those who won’t take anything but the best in a truck.

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