Best Longboard Bearings

best longboard bearings

Do you want to get the best longboard bearings for your deck?  To get what’s perfect for the wheels of your longboard, you need to get a little understanding of what bearings are and what they do.  Here is a brief look at these small balls and their essential characteristics.

What are longboard bearings?

Longboard bearings are tiny and are made of either steel or ceramic.  Their function is to make the longboard wheel go round.  All longboard bearings come in standard sizes to fit within skateboard and longboard wheels.

The best longboard bearings for your deck are selected by considering the following factors:

  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Lubrication
  • ABEC rating (tolerance)
  • Load capacity which refers to vertical, axial, and torsional directional forces
  • Speed
  • Surface finish

Most companies that make bearings, however, do not release many details about the quality of these balls.  What they often reveal is ABEC rating, and at times materials used to construct the bearings.  Thus, when purchasing these balls, you may not understand why there is such a vast price difference between different types.  The points below should aid your understanding of what to check out for in bearings.

ABEC Rating

To get the best longboard bearings for your longboard wheels, many people consider the ABEC rating.  This rating refers to tolerance.  Tolerance is a measure of the space allowed between the steel balls and the inner and outer tracks that the balls move across.

Tighter tolerance will result in more efficient bearings while riding at higher speeds. Other factors such as bearing performance under force from any angle, materials used to make the bearing, lubrication, and shape of the race, all determine the performance of a bearing at higher speeds as well and not just the ABEC rating.  A higher ABEC rating does not imply the bearing will be faster, as is often thought.  It is important to note, however, that bearings with higher ABEC ratings often have other factors optimized for more efficient performance at speeds.


This is what most often determines the cost of a bearing.  Ceramic bearings require a lot more than those made of stainless steel.  Some of the best longboard bearings are made of precision-tuned ceramic.  Such bearings are durable, roll further and accelerate faster.  However, if you cannot afford the more expensive ceramic bearings, you can find some made of high-quality steel that performs exceptionally well.

Bearing Loads

A good performing bearing has a track that is shaped such as to provide the least friction when force is applied.   Force is often directional, vertical, axial or torsional.  The best longboard bearings will have deeper grooves to hold the balls in place and limit movement and so reduce friction.  A lot of friction would slow you down.  Lubrication and material are crucial when it comes to reducing the friction of the bearings to maximize speed.

Lubrication of the bearings

Minimizing friction is the major way to improve the performance of bearings.  Lubricants are part of the solution to reducing friction.  Quality oils designed to work with the particular material of the bearings will result in better performing wheels.  Even if the quality of the bearings is high, they still require special care and attention to keep them in tip-top shape which enhances their performance.

Bearing Spacers

Bearings may come with spacers.  Spacers are not necessary, but you will need them to optimize your setup and extend the useful life of your bearings.  Spacers help you to configure your ride for a quieter, smoother and lasting ride.

Maintenance and cleaning of Bearings

Clean bearings will give you a speedier, smoother ride.  Bearings must be maintained free of dirt and moisture and be well lubricated.  Clean, well-maintained bearings perform in tip-top shape.  Earth results in more friction and thus slower ride and quicker wear of the bearings.  Moisture causes bearings to rust.

If you consider the above points, you are likely to get the best longboard bearings to keep you riding smooth and fast.  Here below are reviews of particular makes of longboard bearings to aid you in your choice for the best longboard bearings you can get for optimal enjoyment of your boards.

  1. Penny Purple Abec7 Skateboard Bearings

These bearings are supplied in an elegant display case.   You will love their appealing packaging.  They are excellent quality and provide a smooth, speedy ride.


  • The bearings are sold as a one size set of eight.
  • They are ABEC 7 Penny Skateboard bearings.
  • The bearings keep dirt out efficiently and are super smooth when well oiled.


These are some of the best longboard bearings money can buy.  They are as good as the original bearings found on a Penny longboard.  They have 100% 5-star reviews online on Amazon, which says much about their superior quality.  Look nowhere else if you are searching for excellent bearings for your longboard.

  1. Bones Bearings Ceramic Super Reds Bearings

If you are looking for high-quality ceramic bearings but are short on cash, these could be the right choice for you.  These bearings are imported into the US and are not ABEC rated.


  • These cerbec ceramic bearings are ultra-light, stronger, harder, waterproof and more durable than the finest of steel balls. They are some of the best longboard bearings for your deck.
  • They are optimized for less friction and easy cleaning. They are fitted with a single, removable, non-contact rubber shield.
  • The bearings are pre-lubricated using Speed Cream racing lubricant.
  • The ball retainer is high speed and nylon for increased speed and strength.
  • The manufacturer provides a warranty.
  • The bearings have been constructed to offer much-reduced friction and faster acceleration.
  • They are self-cleaning.
  • The ceramic bearings do not rust at all which makes them even more durable.
  • Each set of eight bearings comes with eight spacers.


These excellent bearings get 5-stars reviews online from over 76% of reviewers.  They are super smooth and just roll when put on the wheels of your longboard.  Lubrication need not be done every so often.  Get these bearings for a smooth, exciting ride.

  1. Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings (Box of 8)

Bones Swiss Ceramics are of exceptional quality, and amongst the best longboard bearings, you can find anywhere.  They are optimized for excellent performance and durability.  Each box of the bearings comprises of eight balls, four spacers, instructions, and a sticker.


  • The cerbec ceramic bearings are stronger, harder, more durable and light.
  • The bearings are made with precision-grade Swiss manufacturing and design that have been celebrated for 25 years.
  • The bearings are skate rated. This is to ensure better performance than ABEC rated bearings.  Materials, tolerance, clearances, and lubricants are skate rated to provide exceptional performance and durability.
  • Each set of bearings comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • The ball retainers are nylon.
  • Each set of bearings is pre-lubricated with cream speed lubricant.
  • The bearings have superior construction for a faster ride, more rapid acceleration, and further and faster roll.
  • The bearings are dust and moisture resistant and never rust.
  • The building of the bearings is such as to allow self- repair of damage caused by dirt to the races.


These much-hyped bearings live up to their reputation.  80% of online reviewers give the bearings a 5-stars review.  Professional skaters much love these Bone Swiss bearings.  Get yourself a set of these balls and join the professionals.

  1. Bones Swiss Labyrinth II Bearings, 8mm (Pack of 8)

These Swiss Labyrinth Bearings are other balls from Bones which are in a class of their own.  These bearings are some of the fastest and smoothest available in the market.  Their features are as outstanding as in other Bones products.


  • The ball retainers in these excellent bearings are nylon and high speed for increased strength and speed.
  • For the best durability and performance possible, the bearings are skate rated for tolerances, lubricants, materials, and clearances.
  • The bearings come pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant.
  • The rubber shields are removable, double labyrinth and non-contact. These features significantly reduce friction and enable easy cleaning.
  • These Bones Swiss bearings come with a warranty from the manufacturer, which indicates a lot of the company’s confidence in the exceptional quality of these balls.
  • Their amazing labyrinth shields create a full seal all around both races.


These Bones Swiss bearings are the same superior quality of other products from the same manufacturer.  They are highly durable and have excellent construction.  Acquire a set of these balls for your boards and enjoy fantastic rides on your decks.  They are amongst the best longboard bearings you can get.

  1. Heady Shake Professional Skateboard Bearings 

Heady Shake Professional Skateboard Bearings are so well constructed that they come with a money-back guarantee.  If you purchase and are not completely satisfied with what you get, you get 100% of your money back.  This offer from the manufacturer is often not available when you purchase of other bearing brands.


  • The bearings are made with premium-grade titanium. They are light but harder than steel.
  • The skate bearings are pre-lubricated for smooth rolling. They are ultra-smooth and fast.
  • They provide more control, reliability, and stability than standard bearings.
  • They are versatile and work well with a broad range of skate products.
  • These bearings are incredibly easy to install and clean because they have a rubber shield that is removable and non-contact, which helps reduce friction.
  • They offer high spinning speeds, quiet rotation and are highly durable to allow more efficient support.
  • Each box contains eight professional-grade bearings, four skateboard spacers, and a waterproof sticker.
  • They are constructed with superior craftsmanship.


These excellent bearings come in a stylish appearance for those who are aesthetically inclined.  If you want the best longboard bearings anywhere, this could be them.  They get 100% 5 stars review online.  Think really superior here.  Get a set for your longboards for a truly enjoyable ride.

  1. Zealous Bearings for Longboards and Skateboards

These bearings have such excellent construction they allow almost no friction.  They perform very well, and for their price, they don’t have to last longer than their six months to one-year lifespan.  Here are more of the features that make these a must-buy and rank them amongst the best longboard bearings you can get.


  • They require no cleaning and take about a week to break in. These bearings seal in, keeping dirt and debris out and a special self-healing lube in.  This happens in the course of a week after beginning to use them.
  • They have a green rubber seal that keeps debris and dirt outside of the bearings.
  • Spacers are not needed, even though some 409” built-in ones are supplied with the bearings.
  • The bearings are lubed with Archoil Nanoceramic grease for self-healing. The nanoceramic compound fills in asperities or deformations in the bearing, resolving issues of damage.
  • These bearings are quiet and smooth-rolling.
  • They are easy to install.
  • Speedrings are 1mm and built-in.
  • Axle holes are precision, 8mm.


Do not be duped by the price of these bearings and question their quality.  They have numerous advantages over other more expensive brands.  If you have many boards, maintenance and cleaning of the bearings can take a significant amount of your time.  These will require no special care, making them ideal for someone who has many boards and thus would be pressed for time to clean the bearings.  Get yourself a set of these great longboard bearings for a thrilling stress-free experience.


After going through our reviews above, you will probably not be at a loss what bearings to buy for your longboards.  Even though bearings are usually standard in size, be sure to check out other qualities such that what you get is ideal for your longboard.  Getting the best longboard bearings is crucial because these tiny balls do to some extent determine the performance of your board.

Go out there and get a set of bearings of superb quality.  Ensure they are easy to install.  After fitting them on the wheels of your longboard, test them.  You will surely have a smooth fast and enjoyable ride.

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