Audeze LCD-2 Review

Audeze LCD-2 Review

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Are you an avowed audiophile and looking for an honest Audeze LCD-2 Review? Do you want something that will change things instantly? Yes, you can have it! The Audeze LCD2C will undoubtedly ruin your taste for other headphones in a big way! Why do we say this? You need to carry out some in-depth research. I already did mine. And, believe it, it did not take me two days. It took me a little more time.

Last month, I launched into my’ ruin-the- taste’ project, determined to find one fantastic headphone that could fit the bill as a veritable one-stop-shop for headphones. The kind of headphones that would ruin your taste for other audiophile phones. After a grueling two weeks of ‘shopping,’ both online and offline, I finally made my catch.  And in came the new set of the Audeze LCD 2 headphones.

The device did not disappoint. The Audeze LCD2C is truly the muscle car version of headphones – it has got the power to move you! Indeed, the Audeze Company emerged in 2009. Its first headphone was the LCD-2 which put established brands like Grado, AKG, Sennheiser, and Stax on notice. The LCD-2 is a fan’s dream headphone. It plays many genres with verve, providing real synergy between the LCD 2 itself and rock music.

First Impressions

When you unpack, you will discover, immediately, that the colossal size of these product owes to the 106mm transducers fixed inside. Moreover, this allows for a beautifully indulgent physical design. The pads on the LCD2 Classics are equally gorgeous. They will accommodate even the most enormous ears, and their depth and softness are quite pleasurable when you have them on. The downside is that the pads are glued on. For this reason, replacing them presents a hassle.

The LCD2 Classics, however, emit zero creaks and, in their metallic construction, will likely last for a long time. You will also find the detachable cable. This one ships with the LCD2 Classics. It is generally a new braided design and is the same cable that the company offers with its $3,000 MX4s. This cable measures 1.9 meters, resists tangling and is free from unwanted noise. It is also accompanied by an adapter that measures between 6.35mm to 3.5mm. The Audeze company uses a compatible cable connector with its LCD line. This offers a significant advantage with the ecosystem.


The Classics are more than just a reissue. These headphones are way lighter than the LCD-2s. They use Audeze’s latest headband design. This does a great job of distributing the headphones’ weight. The new design of the LCD-2 C also features a perforated leather headband complete with a metal arch. Their most significant weakness in the past has been the overweight factor.  By reducing the weight to reasonable levels, The Classics have made the most of the new design, achieving a considerable upgrade.

Audio Quality

To measure the sound performance, I compared the LCD2Cs with a pair of the Sennheiser HD700 open-back, over-the-ear headphones. Right away, the HD700 proved to be more comfortable and lighter. The LCD 2C s weigh about 9.5 ounces (270 grams). The HD700 sound is livelier, has more treble detail and air, and are more open. They are also more spacious-sounding. The LCD2C boasts a bigger wallop, and the bass OMG is miles ahead of the HD700s! The LCD2C also excels in the Mid-range area.  Its well-recorded vocals sound real, and the tonal balance is more natural, warmer and fuller than anything we have heard from the HD700. Some audiophiles, however, find the LCD2C’s treble dull or soft sounding. If you are the type that craves plenty of brilliance and detail, the LCD2C won’t cut it.  

Nevertheless, the LCD2C provides an easy-to-listen-to sound balance. If there are any harsh or over compressed recordings, these go down more comfortable over the LCD2C. Although the HD700s sound is brighter, it is still more fatiguing with the recordings. Indeed, the LCD2Cs sound can knock your socks off. They encourage louder listening sessions since you won’t hear distortions creeping up, even with a higher volume. The LCD2C also sound great, played at a quieter volume.


LCD 2 headphones come with a lightweight suspension headband. It also features a crystal-infused nylon ring ear cups. At its best, it features a vast 106mm planar magnetic drivers. The LCD2C’s impedance is about 70 ohms. As good as the LCD2C sounds, it is, sadly, a big and bulky headphone. It is, therefore, not readily portable. Further, it is an open-back headphone which does not hush external noise.

The user-replaceable braided cables are, however, sturdy, and securely fit well in the headphone’s ear cups. This headphone comes with extra-thick ear pads and feels mightily impressive. Significantly, Audeze LCD headphones are all made in California, USA. The original LCD-2 has powerful dynamics and an ear-massaging bass. It has a greater sense of scale than many competing headphones. The LCD2Cs sound rich, warm and very satisfying.


The LCD-2 undoubtedly outperforms the regular, nonplanar magnetic headphone that features in its price class. Yes, the Audeze’s LCD series of headphones are devices that are worth checking out. Their strengths are easily discernible for all, not just audiophiles. Are you, therefore, ready for Audeze’s new, radically different, LCD series in-ear headphones? Ultimately, the LCD2 Classics have succeeded in bridging the traditional gap between audiophiles and the ordinary, casual music listeners. I have dared to sample the fantastic experiences of the personal audio, like the Focal’s $4,000 Utopias. I can authoritatively say here that I miss practically nothing when stepping down, price-wise, to Audeze’s LCD2 Classics.

Many headphones that are much more expensive still have their unique reasons to exist. They also offer their differentiating advantages. All these are, however, only slight and subtle. The upgrade that the LCD2 Classics have achieved over peers, like the Beats cans, is so massive that it might almost be visible. We recommend these new pair of headphones from Audeze as the device that will permanently spoil your appetite for all other audiophile headphones!  Just dare try it!


Audeze LCD-2


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