Best Amazon Fire Stick Accessories- 2019 Review

amazon fire stick accessories

Amazon Fire stick accessories ensure that you enjoy seamless access to content. Have you ever been on vacation and wished you had brought your TV? Going on holiday is exciting but missing your favorite TV show or movie is not.

With the Amazon Firestick, you take the content you love everywhere. Think about it, your favorite games, music, movies, documentaries and TV shows.

Like a computer flash disk, you can carry the Firestick anywhere. The best part is that your content remains intact. Once you feel like watching something, plug the device into an HDMI port and, voila!

Alexa Voice Remote

Perhaps this is the most important of all Amazon fire stick accessories. The Alexa Voice Remote comes in handy as you can use it for both sound and TV control. It has straightforward controls for ease of navigation.

Alexa is a technology developed by Amazon to control smart devices. It can respond to voice, play music, games, set alarms, and stream online content. The Alexa button on this remote helps you find the desired programming by using your voice. You speak a command, and it executes.

For example, you could say “find movie X,” Alexa will find and beam the film on your screen. If you opt to use the buttons, press the appropriate one to activate the desired command.

To operate the gadget, you do not need to point it at your TV; two AAA batteries, power Amazon’s Alexa Voice Remote. Connectivity to the Fire Stick and TV is via Bluetooth.

Ethernet adaptor

Despite the Firestick being Wi-Fi reliant, you may not always be within your router range. With the help of an ethernet adaptor, you connect to the router on one end via cable while the other side connects to your TV as usual.

Ordinarily, accessing the internet via Wi-Fi is slow compared to connections made with an ethernet cable. The adaptor delivers speeds of up to 100Mb/s, meaning that you will enjoy better speeds while using the Fire Stick a slight distance away from your router.

To stream Hulu HD for instance, you require 6 Mbps data. On the other hand, a 4K or Ultra HD TV requires speeds of up to 13 Mbps. If streaming from a router, the speeds triple those of a Wi-Fi connection.

However, the latter suffers disruptions from cell phones and kitchen equipment like the microwave oven. Also, as more devices connect to Wi-Fi, the speed fluctuates.

Sideclick remote

Picture yourself having connected the Amazon Fire Stick device to your TV and now await your show. As the credits start rolling in, you realize that the volume is either too low or loud. Instinctively, you will reach for the remote. What if you need more than one remote control device?

Juggling from one control gadget to another drains your energy and takes away the comfort of enjoying a show. With the Sideclick remote at hand, you only need to clip it to the main Fire Stick remote. The Sideclick remote intelligently picks the codes from the main one.

By joining clipping the two gadgets together, you now have access to functions such as volume, power, channel, color adjustment, and others. The Sideclick remote is one of the essential gadgets. Besides, operating the device is easy. You will hardly notice that you had two remote controls in the first place.

iPazzport Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Searches can be a tricky affair, especially on a platform that provides a wide array of content. The Mini Bluetooth Keyboard allows you the comfort of typing texts for any search. You no longer must keep pecking and scrolling the remote-control device looking for channels.

The Bluetooth function is another plus to this accessory. At the same time, some brands come with a sleeve to allow you to combine both the keyboard and the Amazon remote. With a single unit in your hand, you search and select desired channels without stress.

However, for YouTube searches, you can only use the arrow and Enter functions. On the other hand, pressing the backspace key takes you back to previous pages. It also has a backlit keyboard for convenient use in a dark room. Being a wireless device, you can operate it remotely to surf the internet or play games without using other remotes.

Amazon Echo Dot

Here is one of the essential Amazon fire stick accessories that save you the trouble of reaching for the remote control every time. With the Echo Dot at hand, you only need to say “Alexa” followed by the desired command. Examples of commands you can use include:

  • “Watch” followed by the movie or TV show title
  • “Play,” mention the title
  • “Search for” then state the movie or show
  • “Find” after which you specify the show or movie
  • “Stop.”
  • “Next.”

Apart from these commands, Alexa can also help you open the apps you desire and navigate through your TVs home screen. The beauty with the Echo Dot is that it does anything and everything a TV remote can do; all you must do is issue the command.

As you can see, the Echo Dot is a must-have, especially for movie nights or shows where you want to indulge in the comfort of an exciting movie or documentary.

Fire-Cable Plus Wireless adaptor

Having wires trailing from every port makes a room look messy. You cannot enjoy watching anything under such surroundings. Moreover, you stand the risk of tripping on these cables and getting injured. Worst case scenario is when you have little kids in the room.

A Fire-Stick wireless cable requires no complicated installation procedures. It declutters your space and eliminates the need for extensive cabling. On the other hand, it saves you the trouble of powering the TV Stick from another outlet. All it takes is connecting the cable to a USB port at the back of your TV.

Another advantage of wireless power adaptor is that it is universally compatible with other streaming devices. However, you might find the cord to be a little short, especially with different TV models. In such cases, you need to stretch the cord slightly while being careful not to cause damage. Either way, it works perfectly.

Koral case for the voice remote

Retrieving your Alexa Voice remote from the carpet, beneath the table or cushion is not only annoying but also cumbersome. Half the time, you will be cursing when the remote slips and drops. When you are not worrying about dropping the gadget, you notice some scratches.

Now you can bid farewell to such annoyance by buying a Koral case for the Axela Voice Remote. It has a unique design that makes renders it difficult from slipping from your fingers. Also, the cover only allows you to access those buttons that are necessary for TV viewing.

You can choose from orange, blue, green, red, and other arrays of colors. These bright colors also help in locating the Axela device. You can spot it from afar and keep it nearby, plus the remote does not fall-off your hand each time. A Koral case for the voice remote keeps the device looking shiny and new all the time.

Travel case

While in transit, carrying the Amazon Fire Stick as part of your luggage is an excellent idea. However, if you are not careful to keep it secure, it could end up getting damaged. Unbeknown to you, either you might have packed your shoes and clothing too tight, or someone mishandles your luggage.

By the time you settle down in the new location and decide to unwind, a reality check could reveal the worst; you have a damaged Firestick. Fortunately, with the travel case, you rest assured that the Amazon fire stick accessories are intact. The pouch has elastic mesh pockets for secure storage of an HDMI extender and its cables.

On the opposite side, an elastic band keeps the amazon fire TV stick and your Alexa Voice Remote tightly in place. If you do not want to keep the case in your bags, you might consider attaching it to your trousers’ belt.

Amazon Fire Game Controller

With this accessory in your possession, you will be amazed at how many games you can play. The device has all the controls you expect to find in any game controller. Any gamer, including the rookie, will quickly familiarize with its control layout.

Besides, Amazon provides buyers of the Fire Stick with a wide selection of games. Most do not require you to pay a subscription fee. For those that do, you will find that the price is affordable. Popular titles you will come across include Ubisoft, Gameloft, Mojang, and Sega.

The game controller from Amazon combines auto-play and instant-wake features with 55 hours of battery life. You can track your progress, via the GameCircle button, while also comparing scores with other gamers.

The game controller serves another role, too; it can double up as a remote control. By moving the joystick, you can browse through and select movies, music, and apps.

Replacement strips, Re-Hang Indoor Hooks

When you are out of home or are taking a business trip, you might need to use the HDMI adapter for other tasks. Under such constraints, you will not carry the Amazon Fire Stick. Leaving it anyhow would expose the device to potential damage or misplacement.

To avoid such inconveniences, consider buying 3M strips. These act like some cello tape or glue that help secure the Fire Stick at the back of your TV. Moreover, you can use the same strips to keep your ethernet adaptor as well as other Amazon fire stick accessories safe.

A standard packet contains nine strips of medium size with a capacity of holding the weight of up to three pounds (3lbs). Always choose a piece or hook whose weight-bearing ability exceeds that of the object you wish to hang. Fortunately, in the case of a Fire Stick and its accessories, there is not so much weight to cause concern.


What remotes are compatible with Amazon Fire Stick?

There are numerous official and third-party alternatives you can choose.

  • Alexa Voice remote (the official version): It has features such as play, pause, navigation arrows, and Alexa integration
  • All-new Alexa Voice remote: Amazon released this device in 2018, but it does not work with every Fire TV device
  • Sideclick remote SC2-FT16K: A third-party option that attaches to the Alexa Voice Remote
  • Amazon Fire TV remote app: Freely available for both IOS and Android. It lets you use your phone’s keypad and has shortcuts to the apps on your Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Fire TV Game controller: Besides playing games, it can serve as a navigation tool

Are there any universal remotes that work with Firestick?

The answer is an emphatic, yes! If the universal remote is CEC (California Energy Commission) compliant, it will work correctly with the Amazon Fire Stick. The best way to find out is by checking the date of manufacture. All TVs and universal remotes made after the year 2002 are CEC compliant.

For CEC compliance, a device must have:

  1. Above 89 percent power conversion efficiency
  2. Idle power consumption of 10W and below

Remotes that comply with these requirements can control your Fire Stick operations. Examples of brands you can turn to include:

  • Hitachi HDMI-CEC
  • Samsung Anynet+
  • Sony BRAVIA Sync

Can I use Amazon Fire Stick without remote?

Yes, you may find yourself in a disadvantaged position; with no TV remote-control device. The chances are that you lost the original remote or you find out that the batteries have run out of power.

Just install the Fire TV Remote App on your phone, and pair the two devices via a Wi-Fi network. Once you do, your phone turns into a remote control.

On the other hand, you can use an alternative, such as a universal remote. If the new remote is CEC compliant, you are okay. However, you will only access the necessary controls. The other option is to use an Echo Dot, but you must pair it with the Firestick.

Can I use my phone as a remote for Firestick?

Yes; all you need to do is install the Fire TV Remote App on your smartphone or tablet. Check and ascertain that your Fire Stick can still connect to the internet. Search, find and download the app which is available in both IOS and Android versions.

Once you do, proceed to tether the Firestick and phone within the same internet network. With the app open, find the Fire Stick option and select it on your phone. Meanwhile, your TV screen will display a code. Enter it and confirm. Once accepted, you can now use your phone to find something to watch.


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