AKG K612 Pro Review

AKG K612 Pro

In this AKG K612 Pro Review, you’re going to learn everything there is to know about the mid-range headphones. Most of the requirements of people in case of their headphones and earphones are being fulfilled by three major companies which are Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, and AKG. This trio usually provides the desired sound quality or other features, which a professional musician or even unprofessional music lover wants.

The basic difference in these three companies is that Sennheiser provides a bit costly but warm headphones just like their DT 880 model, which is quite a bright and mid-range model, unlike other Sennheiser models. Whereas, Beyerdynamic models are exactly opposite to the Sennheiser ones and gives you a totally different experience.

Talking about AKGs, this company tries to provide models which lie somewhere between the Sennheiser ones and Beyerdynamic ones. When we talked about ALGs k612 pro headphones, it is a surprising fact that this model is not preferred by the people as compared to the other models of the same company.

The reason? It is quite cheaper than other models of AKG and psychologically, people have a belief that cheaper models are those with low qualities but this is not the case in this model because sometimes you can find better models at cheaper prices. This model is generally less than $100 which makes people question its quality and features. Although these headphones are amazing and have all the qualities which a person may expect from a good pair of headphones. You will believe my statement, just have some patience and keep reading.

Packaging of the product

The AKG K612 model comes in similar packaging, just like other models of AKG. It has 3 sections of flaps and there is a phrase written in all the sections, which is also the company’s tradeline, “Expect and Discover perfection”. The headphones come in decent packaging and apart from headphones, it includes a 3M long cable along with a 3.5mm plug and a threaded adaptor which is 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm in size.

 Design and build of AKG K612 Pro

Let’s have a discussion about the design and build of AKG K612 Pro.

  • The body of the headphone is quite light in weight and feels cheap when you carry it in your hands.
  • Most of its body is made up of plastic, which is quite thin but it feels strong and is not easily breakable.
  • In the whole of its body, the only metal part lies in its bands. The band is adjustable and honestly, it is made up of genuine leather which is quite stiff.
  • Unlike many models of AKG, the cables in these headphones are not detachable and it is risky to use them because it’s grilled and is quite hard to remove in case, the solder joint fails to work.

Quality of sound

“The first impression is *NOT* the last impression”, this phrase is well defined by AKG K612 pro, because although the packaging of the product is not impressive, it’s sound quality steals all the attention. Its sound quality is quite better than many other AKG models because it has a lower treble and most of its features are quite bright. It is actually made by combining good qualities of many models of AKG.

Quality of bass

The bass of these headphones is the most surprising feature in them. I also did not expect much from these headphones because of their cheap price but, they have proved me wrong as they actually have good bass. Unlike many other headphones which have a higher price, its bass reaches 20 Hertz easily and altogether provides a great extension. My overall review about the quality of its bass is neither super fantastic nor super cheap. It lies somewhere in between but actually has a good quality when compared to its price.

Controversial midrange

  • Yes! The mid-range of the product is quite controversial when compared to many other models of the same company or also of the trio. AKG’s attempt to provide a good mid-range, to this headphones miserably failed as it has produced better ones in previous models.
  • It reminds us of the headphones used in the era of 90s and has it speak as 2K Hertz but yes, we must say that it is not totally bad. They put the sound of Acoustic musical instruments, such as guitar in the limelight and make the sound of such instruments overpower the sound of other instruments.
  • There are few demerits also, the sound which is supposed to remain sensitive is made out loud in these. Also, it also lacks in providing the minor details of the music and which is very obvious in the peak of 2K. It sometimes makes high vocals and bass to sound artificial, although it provides engaging music and these desires vary from person to person.

The frequency response measurement

The frequency response measurement of these headphones is quite good but sometimes it sounds artificial too. It has an average mid-range of 2 to 2.5 K heart peak and also has a low treble which lies somewhere between 9 to 10 K if measured.

In the end of this AKG K612 Pro Review, I would like to conclude by saying that AKG K612 pro is a great option if you want to buy a good pair of headphones under $200 because, it has many good features such as a good extension of bass, an average sound quality and also is quite a good treble. If you have a better budget then you can look for another option too because these headphones face few problems such as its below-average design and few low-quality features which make us ask for better quality. The overall response of these headphones lies quite in between, as I am not highly impressed by it, but keeping in mind its price then it is worth buying even if it is for gaming purposes.

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