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Have you been looking for an AKG K612 Pro review you can trust? How would you like to own a gorgeous headphone that costs less than $200 and gives you superb sound quality and exceptional versatility? I needed to do some personal research to find out if such a gadget actually existed in the market. Of course, this meant spending hours browsing over the internet, comparing and contrasting lots of things. I eventually found what I thought was the perfect fit: The AKG 612 Pro. So, what attracted me to this reasonably priced, quality device? Let us find out.

First Impressions

Straight out of the box, this headphone oozes great with its humble packaging. Yes, it is quite simple, but more than enough. You will get a 3,5 to 6,5 adapter, a  warranty card and some great boxing. Unfortunately, you will not get a carrying box. This seems to be the problem with the AKG K612 packaging. The headphone feels expensive because of the alloy speakers located on two sides. The cable is not detachable. This might be problematic for some. For others, it is no issue since the headphone is open-back and you can’t use it outdoors anyway.

As noted, the packaging is just average, nothing fancy. On opening the Velcro lid, you will get the headphone packaged in a plastic bag. There is a warranty card packed in the box.  A 3 -meter cable features with a 1/4 inch screw fixed on the adapter. The cable is irreplaceable. Nevertheless, it is of reasonable thickness and should last. What first attracted me was the real leather headband with its AKG engraving and quality stitching. This is a nice touch. The headband is flat on the inside, compared to the bumpy one on the Q701. To keep the costs down, this is a Chinese-made unit.

 The ear cups are plastic with silver and black metal grills. The ear cups can tilt up and down but cannot rotate flat. The earpads are thick and plush padding complete with cloth covering. They are irreplaceable. If you twist to unlock, they will pull right off. On the drivers’ insides, you will get thin padding with a 1/2 inch circular cutout in its centre. It works to expose the driver to the ear.  Afterward, the padding is covered with soft breathable nylon material. This is attached to the replaceable ear pad. The nylon senses excellent on the skin, in case the ear touches the inside. The nylon covering is also a nice touch. Most headphones, like the more expensive HD 600, generally leave the inner foam exposed.


The right and left sides are marked and large. Of course, this is a small detail. I, however, love to tell which side is which, especially when it is dark. The t leather headband’s top right side has a small engraved graphic. It serves the purpose really well. The outer portion of the headband is made with a plastic coating and two steel bars. The auto-adjusting headband design on the K612 is a unique feature borrowed from the K701/Q701. The inner headband is suspended with elastic nylon strings. It moves along the tracks of the outer steel side, held together with plastic guides. It works well, quietly and effortlessly sliding up and down.


The simple black and silver color scheme is excellent. It is nearly identical to the K702/Q701. It appears vast on the head because of the dual headband design. Overall, the materials on the headband positively reflect the price. With this, you know you’re actually holding a piece of professional-grade equipment. The main difference in design between the AKG and the Q701/K702 is the cable. In my opinion, though, as a regular user of headphones with removable cables, I think this feature is overrated.  The connectors are bulky and wear out. If you care for it, the cable will last you a lifetime.

Audio Quality

If I used a word to describe the K612’s sound signature, it would be “accurate”. Indeed, the K612 audio quality is accurate across the spectrum. The sound is neutral, even more than the HD 600. I personally consider the HD 600 to be slightly more rolled off on the highs, and a bit more forward in the mids. It has no irritation, no sibilance whatsoever. The HD 600 still retains the incredible potential to resolve details and naturally present them. All the vocals and stringed instruments come out a bit more. You can hear them on the K612, only that it is not very clear. The K612 remains among the best sounding headphones in the market.

The bass on the K612 headphone is just right. It is tight, ample and relatively punchy.  Regarding amplification; you’ll require a reasonably powerful, dedicated, headphone amp. If you are using laptop headphone outputs and low power portable devices, you will not get adequate sound quality or volume. If therefore, you don’t have a suitable amp, you should consider this in the cost of purchasing the K612 Pro.


Regarding comfort, there are no issues at all. The K612 Pro headphone is very light. The earpieces’ clamping force is relatively gentle. The leather headband fits gently on the head, and the soft, pliant cushions are free of irritation. After several weeks of use, the clamping force gets light and moderate. There is lots of flex in the headband. It weighs 238 grams and, therefore, comfort on the ears is not a problem. There are no issues with sweat either. However, although the leather headband is suitable, it is not padded. The nylon elastic part on the headphone‘s auto-adjust feature effectively pulls the headband down. Indeed, the larger your head, the farther the elastics stretch and, therefore, the harder they push down.


The K612 is undoubtedly an improvement over the Q701. It comes at a lower price. The headband is comfortable, the highs less irritating, and the bass fuller. The AKG has never produced a better sounding headphone at such a relatively low price. Indeed, audiophiles will be delighted with this headphone’s reproduction. More people will love the sound signature of the K612. It works better across more genres. On the downside, many people have comfort issues with the K612’s headband. Overall, the K612 is rare- to find a headphone comes at an attractive price range and has a versatile sound signature. It’s certainly a great bargain for a device that costs less than $200.


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