10 Best Yasuo Augments

Best Yasuo Augments

To complete the Odyssey Onslaught, you need to have the best Yasuo Augments. This is hard to believe, but an augmented Yasuo is an adamant champion and full of skill. Probably the reason why he is the most popular champion in Odyssey Extraction. The augments enhance his skills giving him the power to perform unique combos that make him a force to reckon with. That’s why we decided to list the best Yasuo Augments for you.

  1. SunderBest Yasuo Augments

If you want to increase your Area of effect and DPS, then Sunder is the best augment. As long as you avoid any critical damage when the effects are active, you’ll be able to deal huge on your enemies. Sunder helps Yasuo deliver critical damage to his first basic attacks with guaranteed default damage of 200%. The critical strike chance further slows down your enemies in battle when used. Moreover, 15% of the target’s current health gets degraded as bonus true damage of up to 1500. It is also a good augment when you’re facing multiple enemies at the same time.

  1. HorizonBest Yasuo Augments

Horizon works like Flicker in that it increases your range. It is a good augment to start with early in the game. Also, it reduces cool downs by 0.25 seconds and gives players a bonus range on basic attacks. This augment will increase your area of effect, and you’ll be able to knock down many enemies. If you’re facing several enemies, you can use this effect to increase your DPS and take them out. However, when faced with better opponents at higher difficulties in the game, I’d recommend Flicker. You can also combine it with stronger augments for maximum effectiveness.

  1. ChivalrousBest Yasuo Augments

Chivalrous massively boosts the power of the Sweeping blade. By doing so, all your allies get covered in a Way of the Wanderer’s protective shield. This shield helps secure your team mates from attacks by your enemies and retain your health points. It doesn’t work best on support game modes; hence, use it when you’re running several Yasuos. It complements any of the other augments in the game, and you should probably save a slot for it in your build.

  1. Silvered

Silvered is an underrated augment by many league of legends players who haven’t explored its power. This augment converts every 2-bonus attack damage to spell damage. Also, the bonus ability damage is increased by a percentage. Hence when Yasuo begins to acquire more items, his Q and Ult does double damage. Allowing the player to ult and use summoner spells more frequently. This occurs even when you’re spamming tornadoes one after the other.

  1. Flicker

When you run out of options, and your summoner abilities aren’t working, Flicker boosts your range by 100%. Leaving you stranded in battle with no power to heal your allies, burn foes or reposition quickly. Boosting your range will help you out in this kind of situation. Flicker doubles Sweeping Blade’s range and blinks Yasuo to its target. Also, on-hit effects are triggered when the range gets increased. To get the best out of Flicker, combine it with other Yasuo augments like the Chivalrous. This will massively boost the power of the Sweeping Blade.

  1. Infinity

Yasuo augments are unlike Sona augments that specialize in healing power. To survive long in the game, Yasuo needs his Hp boosted from time to time. Infinity is that augment that helps out with this factor. It uses Steel Tempest to heal Yasuo for 5% missing health. When the unit gets hit with Steel Tempest, Sweeping Blade’s cooldown gets cleared from its targets. Especially when Yasuo faces a large number of enemy groups in close quarters. This helps to sustain Yasuo even in higher difficulties depending on the game mode.

  1. Growing

If you need to increase the area of effect, then trust Growing to do the job for you. It increases massively the size of Tornadoes thrown by Yasuo. As they move towards the enemies in the target direction, they grow much bigger in size and strength. Enemies in the target direction get hit with an enormous potency of the tornadoes. To realize the full potential of Growing, combine it with other powerful Yasuo augments such as Wandering. This is because this augment doesn’t quite work well if they’re no other augments to complement it.

  1. Windwalker

Increase your DPS while reducing your damage dealt with this incredible augment. This augment is a complete nightmare to your enemies if you use it well to knock them down. You need to avoid critical damage on your part for about 10 seconds during its channel. Also, you’re able to recast the Last Breath effect on enemies you’ve previously knocked out. Moreover, you get to receive double bonus damage, a time and range increase while Last Breath powers take full effect on your enemies.

  1. Wandering

Wandering brings back all tornadoes that Yasua had previously thrown on his enemies. The tornadoes come back in full force and knock down any enemy they come across. This augment increases the Damage output incurred on your enemies. It works best when you’re a large number of opponents or a group of monsters. The tornadoes knock them out, especially if Yasuo is in the opposite direction. Due to the high mobility of the tornadoes, 75% bonus damage gets incurred to all the enemies in the target direction. Combining this Yasuo augment with other powerful augments will wipe out your enemies entirely.

  1. Tempest

Of all the augments, this is the best and most popular Yasuo augment among players. This augment makes Yasuo unstoppable during Last Breath; hence, none of his actions get interrupted. Besides, he gets to enjoy immunity, thus preventing any form of crowd control applied to him. Furthermore, he becomes invulnerable, and all the damage he’d taken goes to zero. During Last Breath, he’s able to suspend airborne enemies by generating maximum flow and resetting Steel Tempest’s stack. When he lands, he fires two tornadoes per unit, creating a synergy with other augments reducing Last Breath’s cooldown by 10% or more.

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